What is OutDry?

OutDry® uses a one-piece patented construction process that creates a waterproof breathable barrier. This impenetrable layer is heat-bonded directly to the outer fabric, leaving no seams, no gaps, and no way for water to get in. Compare that to traditional waterproof technology. Water gets in and stays in, collecting in the space between the inner and outer layers, making them heavy and wet. OutDry improves fit and dexterity, keeping you drier, lighter and more comfortable.

Many international brands use OutDry for clothing and accessories (especially gloves), footwear and packs. This includes Rab, Scarpa and Mountain Hardwear.

The OutDry Process

OutDry technology uniformly laminates a custom shaped waterproof membrane to the inner surface of the pack, sealing fabrics and seams in a single step.
Result is a waterproof, steady 3-layer construction: outer fabric, membrane, mesh lining

Real waterproofness in one step:

Thanks to OutDry's patented 3D lamination machine, the waterproofing process of a stitched edge is achieved in a simple, one-step operation - lasting only few seconds - before the lining application.

No membrane cutting and seaming:

Membrane sets are pre-measured, ready to be processed using OutDry's 3D lamination machine. All other operations, including placing, cutting and seaming the waterproof lining, are not necessary. There is no material wastage: you only use what you really need.

No taped seam sealing:

OutDry membrane sets do not have any seams and are pre-sealed. Seam sealing operations are no longer necessary: the waterproofing process is simplified and far more reliable. Easy and effective lining application OutDry has developed an exclusive procedure for the insulation lining application. Thanks to this procedure the comfort and dexterity improvements are maximized. In fact, no seam or tape is placed between the shell and the lining so the finger sensitivity remains very high.

The advantages of OutDry

  • Extreme waterproofness
  • Superior breathability
  • Totally windproof
  • Constant insulation
  • Perfect fit
  • Smooth inner surface
  • Outer material and seams strength increased by layering effect

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