Gear List

This is a list of some of the essential items I took on the trip and what each item weighed. If you would like to see the full gear list you can download it by clicking on the 'Full Gear List' button below.

Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering Apache 6'322g
Exped Fold Drybag55g

Sleeping Mat

NeoAir All Season Regular568g
Exped Air Pillow85g


Terra Nova Discovery Lite Bivy322g


Granite Gear Crown VC Regular w Long Hipbelt988g


Jetboil SOL Aluminium378g
Micropur Water Treatment Tabs4g
Alphalight Long Handled Spoon15g
Pot Washcloth and Pan Saver5g
SOTO Pocket Blowtorch50g

Rain Gear

OMM Cypher Smock288g
RAB Bergen Pants368g