Stefan's Profile

Born on the 8th of July 1970

I started extreme climbing at the age of thirteen. Six years later I led my first expedition at the age of nineteen to Bolivia with 19 participants. Since 1993 I have held the certificate as a UIAGM - Mountain- guide.

Meanwhile I led more than 15 expeditions to the highest peaks in South-America and Tibet with extraordinary success. The last was on Mt. Everest where six climbers out of ten reached the summit. Two climbers succeeded without oxygen.

My biggest personal success in the mountains: 1st snowboard-descent from Mount Everest on the 22nd of May 2001 (without oxygen), 2nd snowboard-descent from Cho Oyu 8.201m in 1999, 1st rescue of an injured person in a lying position from 7.500m on Cho Oyu and 1st snowboard-descent from Chimborazo 6.345m (highest mountain of the world measured from the middle of the earth) in 1990.

Furthermore I made about 30 first ascents on the highest and most difficult mountains of the world. All climbs were made in pure alpine style. This means climbing the mountain in one push without the use of bottled oxygen, sherpas or fixed ropes.

In my normal life I work as a coach and facilitator in the field of management-training since 1992. After finishing my studies of sports-science  in Vienna in 1996 I put my full power and commitment into this passion. Meanwhile our team of consultants and facilitators grew to a size around 10 people in the inner circle and 30 in an outer circle. We are developing individuals, teams and organisations.

My first trip to Montblanc in 1999 was extraordinary for me. Together with my friend Markus we took six friends up to summit - the whole experience was overwhelming. In 2003 we had the same experience with inexperienced clients again.

In 2005 we tried to climb the very summit with two teams but Montblanc did not want to be visited and we failed. In 2006 we made another successful journey with two groups of individuals who wanted to stretch their comfort-zone and succeeded. Summer 2007 brought masses of snow. That is the reason why we climbed the summit of Montblanc du Tacul on a challenging but safe route and had a very special time on the mountain.

In 2009 we had another successful climbing-week and all delegates reached their personal summit. That year we had six including our oldest delegate on the main summit in the age of 69 ?. In 2010 we had a beautiful weather-window in the very beginning, fit delegates and that is the reason, why all four delegates stood at the very summit 46 hours after having met at the camp-site.

I am looking forward to welcome YOU on a future Montblanc-team!