Getting Back

The end of my GR20 was at Vizzavona due to time constraints, its about two thirds of the way along the complete route, but travellers who stop here can be satisfied that they have completed the toughest sections. Vizzavona is a natural break in the trek where you can pick up supplies and take a rest day before tackling the Southern section. I arrived at about 13.20 on Wednesday 18th September.

Wednesday 18th September

I was two days early for my flight home so I decided to stay the night in Vizzavona. This meant I could get cleaned up before sitting on the train with 'normal' folk and I could sit down to a decent meal rather than grabbing food on the hoof.

I stayed at the Hotel Restaurant l Laricci, which was OK, I had a good meal in the evening but our hosts were a bit surly and the window for breakfast was timed so that you had to rush it if you wanted to get the first train out of the village, if they had started serving 15 minutes earlier it would make all the difference. I can't imagine this fact had passed them by since they could see the station from their Hotel.

Thursday 19th September

I toyed with the idea of touring around for the few days that I had available to me, but in the end decided that Calvi had enough to offer, especially as you can get access to the sea and I spent two relaxing days waiting for my flight. On the way back I flew from Calvi to Paris then on to Schipol before getting my flight back home, it took me a full day to get back, the details are not particularly riveting.