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GR20 - 2013 - Gearlist


 Basic Gear carried6862g (15lbs 2.5oz)   
 Discretionary gear carried840g (1lbs 13.7oz)   
 Subtotal7702g (17lbs 0.2oz)   
 Consumables1048g (2lbs 5oz)   
 Food4694g (10lbs 5.9oz)   
 Subtotal13444g (29lbs 11.1oz)   
 Gear worn about person1386g (3lbs 1.0oz)(excl. boots)  
TentNemo Obi 1 Elite872g PhotographicSony Nex 3518g
 Tent pegs, 10 (4 mini groundhog, 6 Ti skewers)54g & OtherSealline watertight pouch 30g
 Exped large zipsack used as tentbag23g  ipod nano inc headphones31g
 GCG small groundsheet40g  Aquapac AQ021 wo belt106g
 4 Micro pegs16g  UltraPOD Mini48g
      Samsung phone97g
Sleeping BagLightwave Firelight 450760g  Headphones10g
 Pod airstream Lite Drysac 74g     
     Discretionary carried gear total840g
Sleep Mat etcNeoair Xlite Regular350g     
 Exped Ultralite Air Pillow45g ConsumablesGas canister,250ml400g
      STS wilderness Wash112g
RucksackCrown VC w airbeam frame900g  Toilet roll36g
      Water 500g
RaingearMontane Air Jacket346g     
 Minimus pants136g Consumables total1048g
Cookingsts 5 litre sink97g FoodCoffee70g
 Alphalight Long Handled spoon15g  Nuun 12 tabs 74g
 Fire Maple FMS-117T remote stove97g  Granite Gear Air zipsack M(for food)50g
 Edelrid adaptor for screw on cartridges75g  1st Daily ration750g
 Fire Maple FMW-501 Windshield66g  2nd Daily ration750g
 GCG Firesteel12g  3rd Daily ration750g
 MSR Titan Kettle130g  4th Daily Ration750g
 GSI Nesting mug and bowl  set without the bowl82g  5th Daily ration750g
 Pot washing cloth and pan saver10g  6th Daily ration750g
WashroomCoghlans Mirror20g Food total 4694g
 Granite gear Zip ditty 1.7L x 240g     
 Packtowl Nano - Medium18g Worn or CarriedHelinox passport trekking poles354g
 Packtowl Ultralite - Large52g  Suunto watch80g
 Disposable razor x 224g  Scarpa Vortex GTX, Size 100g
 Coghlans Backpackers trowel52g  Shortie Gaiters65g
 Dentofresh45g  buff33g
 Pee Bottle35g  Trangoworld Extreme trekking pants408g
      Sunday Afternoons Solar Bucket68g
First Aid KitGranite Gear Air Zipditty 1.0L17g  Montane Bionic LS Zip262g
 2 x 4" wound dressings14g  RAB MeCo 120 boxer76g
 1 x Stretch Bandage10g  Xsocks Outdoor socks40g
 1 x surgical tape3g     
 1 x Bite and sting relief17g Gear worn or carried about person total1386g
 6 x Wound cleaning wipes11g     
 5 Plasters4g     
 1 Small tin Vaseline34g     
 16 Ibuprofen pain killers8g     
 1 x Oragel extra strength dental pain relief gel6g     
 Care Plus Sun Protection Face & Lip SPF50 20ml30g     
 Care Plus Anti-Insect 40% DEET Minispray, 8 ml18g     
 Micropur tablets x 758g     
 Insect Headnet inc pouch32g     
HydrationPlatypus 2l hoser102g     
ClothingMontane Fireball smock280g     
 RAB Strata hoodie534g     
 RAB Mountain Cap68g     
 RAB MeCo 120 boxer76g     
 Momentum Running Glove48g     
 MeCo 120 LS Tee180g     
 Drybag for clothing70g     
 Bed socks44g     
 Xsocks Trekking expedition short54g     
AccessoriesInova Microlight11g     
 STS TPU Guide Mapcase 72g     
 Petzl e+Zip headlamp26g     
 Baby tin opener8g     
 Hiker Wallet10g     
 Glass cleaning cloth2g     
 Rite in the rain notebook70g     
 Travel Documents10g     
 Credit cards10g     
 Inka Pen6g     
 Multimat sitmat40g     
 repair kit15g     
 cable ties6g     
Basic carried gear total6862g     


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