Tested in the Cairngorms

At 11.5 grams and one of the most compact fresh coffee systems we have used, the UL Java Drip is a brilliant companion for anyone who craves a 'proper' coffee whilst out in the hills. It has a very easy and quick-to-use design; simply boil up some water, fix the UL Java Drip to any cup using its clip on legs, fill with your desired amount of coffee, then slowly pour water over the ground coffee and wait until it passes through the Polypropylene sieve. It's that simple, and even fits neatly under a standard fuel canister or within a stove system.

When comparing it to the more common coffee press, we have found the strength of the coffee to be noticeably weaker. The main issue (and a bit of a surprise) is that it flows a lot quicker than the drip name would suggest. Because of this we had to add more ground coffee than we would normally, with 3 spoons of ground coffee needed to create a stronger taste. Although you can get two cups from one brew, it’s worth considering how this would impact your supplies during multi-day treks. When researching the UL Java Drip, we read that one of the reasons for the speedy filtration is so that the liquid would remain at a high temperature once filled in the cup, and in many ways this makes sense. Using this system, we were able to make fresh coffee for shorter breaks rather than taking the lengthy time of using a coffee press. It is also handy if you are out on a solo adventure, or as a couple as time and waste is kept to a minimum.

Our Verdict

The Ultralight Java Drip offers a quick and extremely compact solution to brewing fresh coffee in the great outdoors. If you are someone who wants to keep on the move, likes minimal packing and a fresh coffee system that will work with any cup or stove, then this will be a welcome part of your kit. If you like to take your time in the mornings and are accompanied with a group of trekkers all eager for a strong brew to kick start the day, a larger more traditional coffee press solution would better suit your needs.

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