The team below is comprised of Granite Gear fans who support the #WhereIGottaGo style of life. From thru–hikes to day hikes to mountain tops, when these folks decide they’ve got to go somewhere, they get there. We’re proud to follow along.

Stevie Anna

I grew up in the woods of Oregon, the deserts of Texas and ended up in the heart of the wilderness of Patagonia. An avid adventurer, I spend my time traveling the world to explore other cultures. I've traveled 49 States of the United States by living out of my van in anywhere from Yosemite to Colorado, all the way to Alaska and back. One of my all time favorite adventures was my solo travel through South America to the southern tip of Patagonia with my Granite Gear pack carrying just 15 kilos for my several month trip. Falling in love with the vast, wild land that is Patagonia, I never left.

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Colin Arisman

I am an adventure filmmaker, wilderness skills instructor and long-distance backcountry traveller. I grew up in the woods of Vermont and cut my teeth on the Long Trail - thru-hiking the 272 mile path both northbound and southbound. Leaving the hills of New England I was introduced over a year long period to the challenges of remote big mountain environments in the Andes of Peru and Patagonia. In 2013 I thru-hiked the 2668 mile Pacific Crest Trail with a Granite Gear Blaze A.C. 60 and produced the film "Only The Essential" about the 5 month adventure. My outdoor passions include fly fishing, packrafting, backcountry skiing and honing my survival skills on adventures with minimal gear. I am a co-owner of Wild Confluence Films and grateful to spend my time documenting the beauty of the wild world around us.

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Shawn "Pepper" Forry

His passion is the challenge of the unknown and the reward of knowing what’s just off the map. In only 16 years, Pennsylvania-born Shawn “Pepper” Forry has hiked over 20,000 collective miles, conquered the first winter traverse of the PCT with hiking partner Trauma, and holds the unsupported speed record for the 454 mile Colorado Trail. He’s also proud to say that he pioneered the early iterations of the Great Himalaya Trail, the Hayduke Trail (AZ) and the Te Aroroa Trail (NZ). When he’s not hiking, he’s skiing, cycling, tinkering or cross wording. He’s also a huge music fan and recently played drums in a touring band that was signed to a small indie label.

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Alyssa Hei

I grew up alongside strong-minded mountaineers, climbers, guides, and family who used each day as an opportunity to teach me new things about living and surviving outside, and choosing to live life simply. Residing in Duluth Minnesota, I spend my days hiking the Superior Hiking Trail, exploring the Boundary Waters, and camping as much as possible in my favorite snowy season - the colder the better, which means less people for us introverted souls! Besides hiking you can find me at home pulling an endless cycle of weeds in my garden, cuddling my two rescue pups and two kitties, blasting oldies tunes on my record player, and scheming up ideas to make being outside a full time thing. I’m currently dreaming up my own tiny home and homestead for my family and I, and trying out a part time outdoor photography gig - finding that it suits me well!

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Taylor Maag

I am an adventure photographer/filmmaker. I’m 20 years old and have spent the majority of my life in the outdoors. I got into filmmaking when I was 10 years old and started with an old video camera. I spent my teenage years snowboarding, canyoneering, backpacking and filming every adventure my friends and I could go on. Once I graduated high school, I left my parent’s house and built a camper in my old truck. I spent the next 10 months camping and traveling around. After traveling with a good friend that owned a dog, I decided I had to get one. I had wanted a dog my entire life but was never able to get one until I left the folk’s house. I now currently have 5 dogs and am traveling full time with my girlfriend around the west coast. Our goal while traveling is to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and explore this amazing earth. Life is short and should be lived to the fullest.

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David Rollyn Powell

I grew up in the country side of WI, spending most of my time outside running around the woods, being inspired by nature. I turned that inspiration into simple illustrations, reflecting the simple beauty of nature. I've also lived in Minnesota, spending time in the BWCA, and rock climbing at many of the state's beautiful areas. After that, my wife and I moved out west to Oregon, to surf, climb and fly fish, and spend more time in the outdoors, further developing my appreciation for nature and art. Now, as we prepare to live in a van and travel the US in pursuit of our passions, I continue with my career as a freelance artist, trying to capture natures beauty, in as few lines as possible.

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Vishnu Rajan

Vishnu Rajan is a destination photographer, husband and father of a one year old daughter. He was born in India and moved to the states when he was 7 years old. Most of his childhood was spent living in various foster homes, so he never really had the opportunity to experience the outdoors until his later years. He started big, with his first solo trip being to Joshua Tree National Park, which forever changed the way he spends his time. From this trip alone, stemmed a cross country road trip visiting many National Parks across North America. Now, him and his wife travel together in pursuit of new experiences and capturing organic moments throughout the way.

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Julie Reggio

I am a bonafide backpacking junkie. I'm certain I have an addiction. My addiction and love of the outdoors began in Tennessee where I grew up with the Smoky Mountains as my playground. Years ago I left Tennessee and ventured West to Wyoming to expand my outdoor pursuits. The more time I spend in the Wilderness the more I appreciate the benefits and beauty of the natural environment. As a former Wilderness Backcountry Ranger and a NOLS Alumna I also take interest in the conservation of natures unspoiled places. It's up to us to protect the places we love to play in.

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Tyler Socash

Tyler Socash is the Adirondack Mountain Club’s Wilderness Trip Leader. After completing a 7,000-mile thru-hiking journey across the Pacific Crest Trail, New Zealand's Te Araroa, and the Appalachian Trail, Tyler returned to the Adirondack Park to preserve the East's greatest vestige of wildness. After touring 10 colleges as a motivational speaker this fall, he helped secure thousands of letters of support for Wilderness expansion. He is a New York State Licensed Guide, a Leave No Trace Master Educator, and trained in Wilderness First Aid. Protecting the remaining wild places of the United States is also one of his greatest passions. What's next in 2017? Tyler will summit all 111 4,000ft. peaks in the Northeast and paddle the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

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Abigail Taylor

Growing up in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Northeast Georgia, I have always found my home outside. While my heart is definitely still nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have made it my business to explore the rest of our beautiful country. I have worked almost any job that will keep me outside and involved with the sports I love. I now spend my time spread between the western states. Summers are spent instructing rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and mountaineering for Outward Bound. Winters are spent skiing in Utah. My latest adventure involved cycling over 4500 miles across America and packing out over a ton of trash. I love pushing myself and others to find joy, strength, and confidence in the outdoors.

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Forrest Tindall

I first started camping while in diapers. After graduating to underpants I find myself most at home in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho backpacking with my dog Zoi. In later years, I worked on a backcountry trail crew and even cut part of the current Pacific Crest Trail in Washington. Starting my photography career in 2014, I have traveled the west by way of van doing adventure product photography. I have left no stone unturned and no slow vehicle turnout untouched.

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Christopher Tran

A spontaneous and down-to-earth photographer, observer, optimist, data analyst, educator, and dad to the best dog in the world, I advocate a healthy and active lifestyle with a mindset to constantly learn through experiences and literature. I love a good laugh and conversation over some specialty coffee and food. If I’m not in the wilderness or working, I’ll be on the basketball court, at the gym, or planning my next destination. So who’s ready to grab their packs and hit the trail with me?

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