Which Exped Downmat?

If you are considering a downmat at all it is probably because you need a warm mat for use in cold weather and for sleeping on snow or frozen ground. There are other forms of insulation in mats but down remains the best warmth to weight ratio of any insulator. Down loses insulation value when it gets wet, so Downmats should not be inflated using the mouth, rather they come with devices to inflate them without subjecting the down to condensation.

There's a wide range of Exped Downmats available so we've put together this guide to explain the differences. All the Downmats are insulated Airbeds, so they are inherently more comfortable than self-inflating mats or closed cell foam - they are the most comfortable camping mats available. Even though we describe the Downmat Lite 5 as the least comfortable of the Downmat range its still considerably more comfortable than other types of mat.

Each model is listed below - and each comes in a range of sandard sizes. Exped have put together a fantastic range that delivers different comfort levels, insulation value, size, durability and ease of use and its by balancing these factors that you will figure out which mat best meets your requirements. The Downmat Lite is more of a value proposition which doesn't quite deliver the performance of the other mats but is about half the price.

ModelThicknessInflation MethodR-Value

Weight of

Medium Mat

Down Fill Medium Mat



Downmat 77cm, mid comfortIntegrated Pump1.24855g170g 700FP downS, M, LW
Downmat 99cm, most comfortableIntegrated Pump1.68960g250g 700FP downM,LW
Downmat 9 XP9cm, most comfortSchnozzel Pump1.68950g250g 700FP downM, LW
Downmat UL 77cm, mid comfortSchnozzel Pump1.24630g170g 700FP downXS, S, LW
Downmat UL 99cm, most comfortableSchnozzel Pump1.68710g200g 700FP downM, LW
Downmat Lite 55cm, least comfortableMini Pump0.86645g80g 650FP downS, M, LW