Getting Back

Since the route more or less finishes at Montreux railway station the journey back to Zurich is simplicity itself, I caught the 11.48 train to Zurich with a change at Lausanne, I arrived at Zurich central station at 14.28pm. My flight was not until early morning the following day (Sunday) so I picked a hotel in the centre of the city and got cleaned up. Booking a hotel is an expensive way to do this bit of the trip but its also a nice way to end, I spent a warm afternoon exploring the city centre and choosing a restaurant for the evening.

My flight out of Zurich was at 7.00am so I needed to be at the airport for about 5.30am, I set the alarm and caught an early morning train from the city centre to the airport. The flight was on time and deposited me in Schipol by 08.40am. The flight to Teesside left at 09.20am and arrived at 09.45am, after the hours adjustment.