The Rab Muztag DV jacket is completely new for winter 2018 and is designed for the harsh conditions you might expect in the Scottish mountains during winter.

When you know that the weather is likely to be extreme, then the choice of waterproof shell is always at the forefront your mind. If you are going on multi-day treks then your waterproof shell is vitally important. We love ultralight rain jackets but sometimes they just aren’t appropriate and you need a more protective shell jacket.

The Muztag DV is a fully featured jacket using Event’s 3 Layer DValpine fabric which strikes a balance between waterproofing and breathability. Having used the jacket in some very unforgiving conditions, it effectively bridged the gap between ultralight weight jackets and heavy winter hard-shells.

It’s one of those jackets that when rain is sweeping horizontally across a hill top, you feel cosseted and well protected. It’s not a stretch fabric like some of Rab’s other waterproof jackets using Pertex Shield, but it still feels soft for a proper hard-shell jacket. The lack of stretch doesn’t impact on comfort because the cut of the jacket allows excellent movement and also room to layer underneath. It does however mean that the DWR (durable water repellent coating) seems to last longer before the need to reproof the jacket. A downside of jackets with loads of stretch is that the DWR coating often doesn’t last as long but no such worries here.

I prefer a slightly longer jacket in Winter and this one was just long enough so that there were no annoying damp patches at the rear of the jacket when I’d not put on my over trousers. I’m not that tall at 5ft 7 and a whisker so if you’re 6ft tall you might not find this to be the case.

I have used the Muztag DV in snow, sleet, hail and torrential rain and it has dealt with all of them without any issue. The hood is one of the best I’ve used, Rab seem to have found a formula that works perfectly. The hood on the Muztag DV offers more coverage than my other shell jackets so once tightened down very little rain will get through in even the windiest weather. Having spent days on the top of the Howgills in absolutely horrible conditions I was extremely happy to be wearing this jacket!

On long steep climbs, the pit zips worked well to vent the jacket without rain getting in. I tend to get very hot when on the move and pit zips are always appreciated.

The Muztag DV packs small given the protection on offer and the fabric feels reassuringly durable. After loads of use backpacking and on the hills the fabric looks like new (apart from some Dales grime).

Most of my shell jackets tent to be in subdued colours but the bright Orange of the Muztag DV in Horizon fits well with its winter purpose. There’s nothing wrong at all about been visible on the mountain in winter. Plus on road sections whilst backpacking through the Dales it’s great that drivers are more likely to spot you through the winter murk.

The Muztag DV is a superb lightweight winter shell jacket that will shrug off the worst weather. It was a great place to be in conditions where you are getting a beating from the elements.