UOG Review of RAB's Infinity 300 Sleeping Bag

RAB assign the INFINITY name to its leading edge down products, designed to be very low weight - for example the Infinity jacket is our lowest weight down jacket with a full hood and 210grams of down.

In the same way the Inifinity sleeping bags offer their particular performance ratings at a very low weight - making them very competetive. The Inifinity 300 is our lightest bag rated down to -2C.

There are only so many ways you can improve a down bag or make it lighter - RAB have looked at all aspects and not compromised features, the Inifinity 300:

  • Has higher quality down than other RAB bags (850 Fill Power rather than 800)
  • Has the lightest possible shell material, Pertex Quantum GL fabric
  • Uses a new vertical baffle system that moves down around so that the heat effect is uniform across your body and a close fit increases efficiency

Where RAB could have compromised but hasn't:

  • Still has shoulder baflle, zip baffle and full hood
  • Still has a zip with anti-snag baffle (1/2 length)
  • Still has shaped boxed foot

In use I found the bag to be really good, the slight compromise on the zip length went unnoticed until I wrote this review and even though I'm a biggish person I didn't feel the bag restricted me in any way.

The zipper worked well and when required the hood give good coverage when the drawcord was pulled tight. RAB should know a thing or two about sleeping bags and this is their self confessed lightest bag with a minus 2 rating, aimed at backpacking, adventure racing and fast&light mountaineering.

Its most direct competitor is the Wetsern Mountaineering Summerlite, which is lighter but only gets a 0C rating. The Inifinity 300 therefore would suit anyone wanting a bit more insulation but still wants to keep weight at the minimum.

Mark R