Multimat Superlite L Closed Cell Foam Mat Review

A very useful piece of kit to take trekking, weighing 175g and easily attached to the outside of a backpack there is no reason not to carry it. It offered great thermal protection, no matter what terrain I was sleeping on. The night when my tent was submerged in ice cold water I was very warm and didn’t even realise I was in water until the morning when I unzipped the tent door.

A great design feature was that the straps were attached to the mat, so when it was rolled up the straps could be tied together to prevent it unrolling.

After 5 weeks of continuous use and being attached to the outside of my backpack and thrown around there were only a couple of small tears, so I would say it is incredibly durable and it stood up to a lot of use. I am 6ft 2 and this mat was the perfect size covering my entire body, with a couple of inches spare; however, if you want to really save weight it can be cut to fit the shape of your body.

The only issue with this mat is that it didn’t offer much comfort on hard rocky ground, an air mattress would be a lot more comfortable, but as I can fall asleep standing up it was not an issue for me! After 5 weeks of sleeping on this mat my hips were a little sore and by the time I got home I was grateful for my bed.

Alex G