Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Flame Sleeping Bag Review

This is the warmest, most comfortable sleeping bag I have ever used. After a long day trekking in the cold I knew that I would have a warm night’s sleep. The bag didn’t require any layers to be worn inside during the night. After the initial cold period the bag would warm up to a comfortable temperature within 10 minutes.

The bag has a half-zip in the centre of the bag which was great for ventilation in the night if it became too hot, the zip could be operated from either end, so it could be unzipped to just cool the core of my body. I roll around in the night and normally become tangled up in a sleeping bag; however with this one I could comfortably move around throughout the night and never felt enclosed.

There were several nights where it was so windy the entire tent was shaking and very cold inside, however when in the sleeping bag I felt no cold and the wind had no effect, unfortunately it didn’t block out the noise of the wind!

There were two strips of insulation velcro'd into the inside of the bag, one covered the zip to increase efficiency and the other went around the neck to prevent heat loss from the bag. The hood can be tightened up which also keeps the cold air out.

There were a couple of nights where the sleeping bag got wet externally, however it didn’t affect its performance at all, I only realised it was wet in the morning. The only negative of this piece of kit was the stuff sack, it felt a bit cheap; having said that, I had no problems with it and the straps allowed it to be compressed so it required less room in the bag.

Alex G