Montane Primino 140 Zip Neck Baselayer Review

I was mightily impressed with this baselayer. I tend to avoid all manmade fabrics on long trips because in my experience regardless of antibacterial treatments etc they always start to get whiffy way quicker than Merino fabrics.

The downside of 100% merino is that it gets wet with sweat and doesn’t dry very quickly or wick well so you end up smelling ok but feeling pretty uncomfortable. Montane’s Primino fabric is a blend of Merino, Primaloft Silver yarn and polyester to offer the benefits of Merino plus improved wicking and fast drying, great warmth and a soft comfortable fabric.

Having worn this baselayer for 5 and a half days straight it still smelt fine which is impressive given the warm weather we encountered. By comparison the man-made fibre baselayer that I slept in was stinky by the end of the trip and I’d only been sleeping in that! The zip neck might be a little heavier but I appreciated the flexibility to open the zip and vent when it was warmer and the higher neck line to protect from the sun and wind. This baselayer has a great fit and looks good too to wear as a long sleeve tee. It’s had lots of use since, both walking and on the mountain bike.

Danny P