Montane Alpine Trek Pants Review

Given the changeable conditions in the Highlands in March I wanted to take a lightweight softshell trouser that would shed light precipitation, offer wind protection, and have plenty of stretch for climbing. Montane had just launched the Alpine Trek pant which seemed to tick all these boxes. I liked that it features a slimmer fit in the lower leg so they wouldn’t flap about picking up mud when not wearing gaiters. There is also a reinforced Cordura panel in the inside of the leg where a regular fabric might get abraded and a leg zip to expand the trousers to fit over boots. They are without a doubt the most comfortable walking pant I’ve used. The waist has a lovely soft fleece lining and the fabric is soft and stretchy to touch. The stretch combined with articulated knees (which were in the right place!) meant that on big steps you simply don’t notice the trousers unlike some others I own.

There are several well positioned front pockets (none on the back) plus a hidden pocket inside one of the hip pockets which might be useful abroad. The DWR shed light rain with ease delaying the need to put on waterproof overtrousers. During strong winds they offered just enough protection. In extreme winter conditions you’d want something heavier but for the rest of the time the Alpine Trek have it covered. The first few days it was unseasonably warm with temperatures approaching 20C in the shade but the Alpine Trek pants stayed cool and comfortable. Since getting back they have been used in temperatures well into the 20s and have never felt clammy which is impressive for a trouser with some windproof qualities. I have since bought another pair of the Alpine Trek Pants in a different colour and my other walking pants have been relegated to the bottom drawer which is a pretty solid recommendation.

Danny P