I've used these on a few trips now and can say that they are a comfortable and durable option; perhaps more suited to adventure travel than a pure backpackng trip but you won't be disappointed using them for either.

The first thing I like is the fabric - its very lightweight and extremely stretchy, thin and therefore highly breathable. This makes the Limantour pants ideal for trips to warm climates especially if you are going to be active. Being so thin they also dry very quickly (with the annoying exception of the fleece waistband), this makes them easy to wash out when they get a bit grubby. Despite the fine fabric they seem extremely tough, they have a reinforced seat, knees and ankles, and after two long trips they're showing hardly any signs of wear.

Feature wise the Limantour differ slightly from other treking pants, the first difference is open pockets at the front - I'm used to the security of zip closures on my front pockets so this felt unusual and 'less safe', although I've now gotten used to this and have never had anything drop out of the pocket. There's a flat zipped thigh pocket on each leg which I don't use much except when traveling - this is the pocket I use for my passport and boarding cards - its an ideal size for this.

One pocket I really like is the rear zipped pocket - many trekking pants don't have a rear pocket because it could be uncomfortable under a rucksack hip belt, but I didn't have this issue with the Limantour pants - and while I don't really use the pocket when backpacking its fab for travel and I use it continuously - so even if you are heading off on a backpacking trip - if you are traveling before and after the trekking bit, this rear pocket is great.

The limantour pants don't come with a belt but they do have belt loops so you can add your own. Unusually they have a drawcord which you can fasten them with but I found this to be a nuisance - I added a belt which is much easier to use.

The other feature I wasn't sure about was an elastcated cinch cord at each ankle - when cinched up tight it leaves a long piece of shockcord dangling - there's a loop inside the leg to tidy it up but I couldn't be bothered to use it as it was a bit fiddly - consequently I didn't use or need this feature - the cut of the legs is quite narrow anyway and I'm tempted to remove the shockcord altogether.

All in all I really like these - they are a bit heavier than others but that's because of the feature set not the fabric - which is light, very stretchy, comfortable and durable. A great all-rounder.