UOG Review of Exped Mira 1P tent

The Exped Mira 1P is a two skin tent for one person. It has a single hoop that runs the full length of the tent with a central cross pole to maximise head height. There's a smaller pole at the head end that adds stability, ensuring the tent doesn't flop around your head due to uneven ground; it has great internal space, head height and a decent porch.

Some people won't use tents that pitch inner first in case its raining - for me its about ease and speed, if you can get the tent up in a few minutes the inner isn't going to get appreciably wet in that time.

The main test of this tent was a very wet weekend in the lakes - it was windy and raining when I put the tent up, but by not hanging around I was able to get it fully pitched quickly and any drops of rain that did get onto the inner quickly evaporated.

The Mira 1P is quite easy to put up and the flysheet attaches to the inner tent at the pegging points. Its not exactly free-standing but its close and can be manouvered easily with the poles in place.

Living with it
The first thing you notice when getting inside is the space, it feels a lot bigger then other solo tents I've been in and I could have sworn that the interior footprint was wider than normal - this turns out not to be the case as at 70cm its fairly typical.

What is fact though, is the extra head height - at 105cm its 5-15cm taller inside than other tents in this class, and the cross pole is long so this height is maintained over quite a big area - this must be why it feels spacious.

Access is pretty good. The inner is a good mix of fabric and mesh - the fabric on the lower sections provide modesty and protection from wind blowing under the flysheet. The fabric ceiling prevents condensation drops from dropping onto your sleeping bag when the wind shakes the tent.

The large mesh panels provide good ventilation - so its a good 3 season tent, not so good for winter use where many people would want a completely solid fabric inner to provide a bit extra warmth.

Separation of inner and fly is particularly good also.

There's a little access window to the small rear vestibule which can be used for storage and, if I can show myself up a bit - just in the right place for a pee bottle - there, I said it - but I didn't do it - its there if you absolutely have to - but don't be gross.

Really like the attention to detail that Exped apply to all their kit - the Mira 1's tie backs for the doors are the easiest to use that I've seen, there's a large pocket inside the tent for all kinds of gear, and there are loops for an optional gearloft or for hanging a lantern from.

In summary then this tent is not competing with sub 1kg tents because its much bigger and more roomy - but its weight is still low enough to be part of an ultralight load - its well thought out and build quality is excellent.

Mark R