Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter Review

When it comes to fire-lighting, quick and simple is the best option. The Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter is just that. Compact, well-built, and lightweight coming in at a mere 10 grams, it’s a reliable way to light your stove no matter the weather conditions.

We tested it out on a range of stoves and found that it worked best with either a meths or a simple gas stove. As a gas stove is our usual go-to option whilst trekking in Scotland, the Titanium Flint made for a perfect back-up to our regular lighter. As part of our kit we always include a fire steel as with no mechanical parts they offer a bright spark even when soaked with water. Although the Vargo Titanium Flint doesn’t produce quite the same large bright spark as a fire steel, the ability to use it one handed came in very handy, especially being able to regulate the valve on our stove whilst also lighting at the same time. This lower intensity of spark didn’t lend itself greatly to fire-lighting with natural materials and requires a bit more patience.

The built-in clip tied nicely to a piece of cordage that we paired with a small knife and whistle, providing a compact and close-to-hand set of tools. The Titanium Flint can also be attached to a belt or waist band and is compact enough to be packed inside a lightweight cooking system.

The overall build is very impressive, something we are finding across Vargo’s range of equipment. A simple side panel makes for easy flint replacement. Although we haven’t had to change the flint as of yet and appears to last a good amount of time.

Our Verdict

The Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter is a very compact and lightweight fire-starter providing a reliable spark even when soaked with water. Its best use is with meths or gas stoves and in this seemingly simple design there is a vitally important feature in that it can be operated using just one hand. We found it to be the perfect back up to our usual lighter and with its minimalist nature it now joins our set of useful tools that we carry on all our treks.

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