A step away from plastic items is certainly a priority for most outdoors people preferring a more sustainable alternative that will stand the test of time. The Eagle Spork from Vargo offers a tough but lightweight (18 grams) option that is built to last. To help prolong the life of your spork Vargo have included an integrated locking system that makes sure your spork won’t accidently go walkies. The matte finish handle and polished tip made for easily handling and cleaning. The teeth of the fork are quite small but do offer a decent hold whilst eating vegetables and meat. We do however, mostly eat dehydrated meals from a pouch, so the spoon element is more important to us. The length of the Eagle Spork is what we would consider that of a regular spoon and given the range of utensils Vargo provide we would usually opt for one of their longer handled alternatives. This makes it easier to reach the bottom of a food pouch, although extra grams will be added, so the Eagle fits well into the life of minimalist trekking. The build quality is to the high standard we have come to expect from Vargo, and it would take some force to break or bend the eagle Spork.

Our Verdict

Full titanium, lightweight, and made to a solid standard that will last the test of time. If you are conscious that many a spork has disappeared in the past and you want a secure option that can literally hook to a safe place in camp, then the Eagle Spork is the choice for you. For those of us who mostly eat from meal pouches Vargo offer a range of longer handled options with the same quality build.

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