True Utility Minimalist Pocket Tool Review

Tested and reviewed by Trek Scotland over a full season of Multi Day Trekking in the Highlands of Scotland.

Having a cutting blade out in the hills or on the trail is generally a must for most people visiting the outdoors. The Minimalmist Pocket Tool by TrueUtility not only has as its main feature a UK legal small knife which is very strong and sharp, but also a wealth of other useful features.

The non locking knife is easily opened by accessing a finger groove, although this would not be possible with gloves. It is made from titanium coated 420 steel and making it capable of cutting through items beyond its diminutive size with a blade length measuring only 4.5 cm. Importantly, it is extremely sturdy when in use with no flexing, allowing substantial pressure to be put on the blade. As such, it is at home cutting into cord or food items alike. The total body and blade of 12.6 cm [8.6cm when closed] also means it can be held neatly in the hand when whittling wood, especially useful when feathering sticks for kindling.

The other features of the Minimalmist Pocket Tool, all Titanium coated and very strong, include a Phillips head and two flat head [large and small] screw drivers that have proved useful, in particular, when adjusting and fixing walking poles and crampons. There is also a small cutting notch which can cope with small wire, a little file for smoothing metal and, most importantly perhaps for some, a handy bottle opener. Great for bothy nights!

Our Verdict

Overall the Minimalmist Pocket Tool is cleverly designed and is tremendously robust and stout whilst packing plenty of features into a small size and low weight - 46 grams. It has stood the test of a full season in one of our guides pockets and has saved the day on a number of occasions when fixing items on multi day treks in isolated areas far from a tool box. For those who don’t like stashing items in their pockets there is a bombproof gate clip allowing the tool to be attached to a karabiner, key ring or backpack. What’s not to like!

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