Any knife, no matter the size, is one of those items that can be used to solve a multitude of issues. It might sit in your pack for months but can be relied upon when needed the most.

With a short blade length of 4cm and a total weight of 16 grams, True Utility describe it as “a knife that’s been stripped down to the bare essentials, to provide a strong yet lightweight design.” It’s lightweight, compact, and razor sharp. Made of 420 grade steel it feels stronger than it may appear, and although being a folding knife, its locking mechanism that has never failed on us. Another great feature is the quick release pin which detaches from the key-ring making it great to hold in the hand.

As mentioned before, you never know what type of job a knife will come in handy for until you are in the situation where you need it the most. Up to now our most common uses have been preparing food, cutting cordage, creating wood shavings, and small repairs on gear. We really like the simple approach with the main focus being the blade itself, and we were very impressed with its small size, especially with it being so sharp and versatile. This isn’t a knife for a full-on bushcraft adventure but it’s perfect for life for lightweight expeditions in Scotland and we never had to wish that we had ‘more’ knife but instead being very happy with something that isn’t too excessive and heavy.

Another feature we have to mention is the waterproof hard case that comes with the knife. It’s a great piece of kit for storing important items that you don’t want to get wet, ie, batteries, headlamp, mobile phone, batter charger, etc. This whole package comes in currently at £7.99. With decent outdoor gear usually costing the earth, the Bare Knife can be considered an absolute bargain.

Our Verdict

The True Utility Bare Knife has taken pride of place alongside a whistle and fire striker in our collection of useful tools that join us on every outing. Compact, lightweight, strong, and razor sharp. The Bare Knife has become an instant companion with a blade that can be relied upon when you need it most. It even comes with a great waterproof case. We think you would have to search far and wide to find a better bargain than this.

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