Haglofs Trail Fuse GT Mens reviewed by Trek Scotland over a full summer season and beyond.

The Haglofs Trail Fuse GT is something we were looking forward to trying out for fast and light days in the hills as it is fundamentally a lightweight trail walking/running shoe. As with most synthetic shoes, the Trail Fuse GT can be worn straight out of the box and needs little to no wearing in. The fit is snug around the heel and allows a little lift. Towards the toe area the shoe narrows to ensure there is no excess volume or sloppiness. All these aspects are important for keeping the shoe close to the foot. However, the downside of this somewhat slim build is that wearers with a broad foot will find them a tight a fit.

In terms of performance the shoe is well suited at being used on rough trail, boulders and when scrambling on rock, offering good grip from the rubber sole. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that despite some protection around the toe and sides, the shoes offer little defence when bumped against anything hard and worked against abrasive surfaces such as granite or heather. Over use on this kind of terrain will wear the upper part of shoes quickly. On the plus side, the soles are very hard wearing and are still going strong after quite a few days in the hills. We also found that the shoes gave solid security on steep slopes, including grass, and didn’t give any toe bruising on long and precipitous descents.

The Trail Fuse GT boasts a Gore-Tex upper membrane that works well on damp ground. This feature becomes of little importance as soon as water goes over the top of the shoe, which is does easily, or the rain starts to come down heavily. On the plus side, the shoes do dry quickly.

After a day spent out on the hills it’s easy to realize the real strength of the Trail Fuse GT... they are remarkably comfortable, well cushioned, light [360g each shoe for a size 11 UK] and leave feet refreshed even after having a harsh work out. This is true, whether trekking, Nordic walking or trail running. It has to be said that the shoes are more functional looking than designer stylish, especially the pure black pair we were sent to review. However, there are three colour options in total with the red version offering more of a distinctive look.

Our Verdict

The Haglofs Trail Fuse GT offers a remarkably lightweight and comfortable footwear trail shoe which is best suited for fast mountain days on dry terrain. They would also be suitable on multi day section trails, especially if worn with a lightweight gaiter. Perhaps one to add to your footwear collection for selective days out where speed is important... but not if you have broad feet.

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