If, like us, you like to keep the weight down and calorie intake high, then you’ll most likely choose a dehydrated meal pouches as your evening food choice. New brands are regularly popping onto the market, with a wide variety of meals to suit mostly all dietary requirements and tastes.

What hasn’t changed though is the time it takes for your meal to properly absorb the water added to give the meal maximum taste and texture. On average we find a meal pouch of around 750 calories, once boiling water is added, will take around 10 minutes before being ready for consumption. Now we all have that friend who likes the crunchy bits, as they delve into their meal the moment the recommended time is up, but for the rest of us who like our meals fully hydrated, we will often find (in cooler UK climates) the water inside the meal pouch cools quickly and ultimately slows the re-hydration process, also leaving a cold meal at the end.

Cue Gram-Counter Gear, who, have created a great lightweight option to give your meal pouch an extra insulating layer in the form of the Thermo Pocket. As the name suggests you simply fill up your meal as normal, place it into the Pocket, secure the top and even after an extended amount of time (15-20mins) we had a meal that was better re-hydrated and importantly, warm. Greatly appreciated on those cold evenings camping high in the Scottish mountains.

It’s certainly simple in design, basically an outer foil lined pouch with a thick and strong bubble wrap style air pocket inner and a sturdy zip lock closure. But at 34 grams and with a reasonable price tag, it does the job exactly as it should and fits almost unnoticed among our kit.

Gram-Counter Gear do suggest that you can eat the meal inside the Thermo Pocket to protect against your hands from the heat, but we preferred to take the meal pouch out as we found that if food spilled into the inner of the Thermo Pocket it cwas difficult to clean.

The Thermo Pocket also offers another feature not mentioned in the description that we found became useful for our needs. We will often carry a fair amount of camera equipment which leads to also carrying a load of spare batteries. Batteries and the cold don’t mix well so placing them inside the Thermo Pocket kept our equipment in better working condition, especially handy throughout the winter.

Our Verdict

As the name suggests the Thermo Pocket gives your meal pouch an extra layer of insulation which improves re-hydration making mealtimes easier and tastier. It also works as a handy pouch for storing other items, with us finding it useful for reducing the effect lower temperatures have on our camera batteries. At just 34 grams in weight, and a relatively low price there’s not much you can say against the Thermo Pocket. It may have a simple build quality but it does the job it’s tasked to do, so it will definitely be joining us for many more adventures to come.

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