As the name suggests this is a super lightweight foam mat weighing in at an impressive 74 grams with a sizing of 150cm x 50cm and a thickness of 3mm. It has a low profile that means it can easily be rolled or folded to fit within our packs. Rather than replacing a sleeping mat we found it much more suitable as a footprint for a solo tent or bivy bag and for seating.

Protection from the ground is very important not only to keep your expensive equipment in great shape but also to provide increased insulation from the cold ground beneath which will result in a better performance from your sleeping bag or quilt. It’s also a handy back up for if your air mat has a puncture or valve issue that cannot be repaired on route.

The Evazote Foam Mat has no R-Value rating and at only 3mm in thickness don’t expect an overly noticeable boost in warmth, but it does offer better insulation than a regular fabric footprint without the weight penalty. It’s also very versatile as when folded it can be used as a sit mat or to kneel on. Laid out, it can be used to arrange kit free from dirt or coarse rock that may cause damage.

The sizing is slightly under that of a regular mat but there is now an option of a longer version to offer full protection from the ground.

Our Verdict

The Featherweight Evazote Foam Mat is exactly as described. To use just this mat alone to sleep on you would need to be a fairly hardcore minimalist wild camper. For us, it was more of a versatile platform, adding protection from the ground whilst also providing a small amount of insulation and comfort. With its size and weight of just 74 grams it makes perfect sense to have this as an option instead of a regular footprint.

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