Countless times we come across people in the outdoors who shell out a high figure for an all dancing, all singing, quality jacket only to feel massively let down by its performance. Once you dig a bit deeper to try and solve the issue it almost always comes down to the lack of attention placed on the clothing directly next to your skin. Sweat is not going to escape if the first barrier is unsuitable for the task. A baselayer is something to be treated with respect and quite often you will have a set of a few trusted layers stored away in the cupboard that you can depend on for those big trips into the mountains.

Fjallraven are well renowned for producing quality-built clothing which may weigh in slightly heavier than other brands, but always delivers when it comes to long lasting performance. On receiving the Bergtagen Thinwool SS it’s plain to see that this is a t-shirt with functionality in mind. The simplistic design in Mountain Blue with a small logo on the chest is non-flashy which suits us well. The fit is slightly relaxed whilst giving enough hug to the body to wick away moisture. The stitching, although nearly unnoticeable against the skin, has a very high stitch count and is tremendously strong. In a size medium it weighs in at 156 grams which is Fjallraven’s lightest first layer in the Bergtagen series. To the touch it has a soft comfortable feel but also robust enough to not make you worry that the straps of a heavier pack would quickly wear through the fabric.

The Bergtagen Thinwool SS certainly is not the cheapest option on the market but with Fjallraven’s ethical stance with their use of wool, what you do get in return is a mix of 87% high quality merino wool with 13% polymide. Fjallraven state that “Engineered from a lightweight jersey knit that combines the thermal and moisture-wicking properties of merino wool with the strength and durability of polyamide.” This combination provided the usual merino comfort against our skin, as well as excellent performance at wicking away sweat and moisture. Never did we feel clammy or over heated after a hard day’s climb and it was a pleasure to wear throughout the day or at night. Used as part of a larger laying system the Bergtagen Thinwool SS kept performing, often staying relatively dry even when layers above started to hold a bit of moisture, a true testament to its ongoing performance. If wading through water or a swim in a loch, the Bergtagen Thinwool SS did become saturated with water but a quick airing out in the sun would have it dry in no time.

One of the great advantages for choosing merino wool is odour control. We used the Bergtagen Thinwool SS for many expeditions covering regions in the north west Highlands, including a 3 day wild camp in mixed weather conditions on the Fisherfield. Odour resistance was excellent, one of best we have used in a long while. Being a short sleeve t-shirt it’s also well suited to all year use in a range of activities.

Our Verdict

There’s really nothing to dislike about the Fjallraven Bergtagen Thinwool SS, it is simple in design and performs to a very high standard wicking away moisture and never feeling clammy and uncomfortable. Over the past 7 months we used this t-shirt on many adventures including mountain biking, packrafting, wild camping, and winter mountaineering. Fjallraven certainly lived up to its reputation producing a long-lasting item that can handle some abuse. There’s no noticeable signs of wear and we look forward to using this for many more adventures to come. There is a large price tag attached although we would say the Bergtagen Thinwool SS will long outlive most other cheaper merino alternatives.

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