Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew Sock reviewed by Trek Scotland over a full summer season and beyond.

If you give a sock the name ‘Darn Tough’ then expectations are automatically high so our Lead Guide gave the Light Hiker socks a real beasting over nearly 500 miles of trekking, wearing them up to 5 days at a time. Ultimately, the material for any sock is key and the Light Hiker is a combination of Merino, Polymide and Spandex. The Merino element allows for non-itch comfort and provides anti-bacterial qualities, eliminating foot/sock odour despite being worn continuously for a number of days. The Polymide ensured the socks have excellent durability and the pair we were sent are still going strong after 6 months of daily use and despite being machine washed regularly. The Spandex gives the sock a snug fit right across the foot and the ankle without any bunching up of material, and the socks have kept their form well. Importantly, this mixture of materials allows the socks to be cool on warm days and insulating when the temperature drops as well as super wicking and quick to dry if boots are leaky.

The build quality of the socks is outstanding with Darn Tough Socks being knitted on fine gauge knitting machines giving them an exceptional fit and low in bulk. The heel and underfoot areas have extra cushioning which adds to the high comfort level. We found all these factors are significant in eliminating hotspots, reducing blisters and diminishing foot fatigue at the end of a long trekking day. The Light Hiker reaches beyond the ankle to just below the calf meaning they are suitable for most hiking boots. We have also used them as liner sock beneath a thicker sock in a winter boot, allowing additional cushioning and warmth.

Our Verdict

The Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew Sock are in a class of their own when looking for a sock that offers all weather comfort, great durability, a snug fit and always stay in place. Add to that their undoubted durability, ease of washing as well as a genuine lifetime guarantee, and the ‘holy grail’ of hiking socks seems to have been reached. They are also lightweight enough to allow a spare pair to be carried when out on the trail for an extended period. After your boots these could be the most important purchase you can make. We just love ‘em!

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