A table isn’t the first piece of kit on our mind for lightweight wild-camping. In fact we’ve never even considered a table outside of family camping so we were confused, although slightly curious, to find out we were receiving one to test and review. Our usual approach would be to lay out a dry bag to keep items away from wet ground, whilst a rock or part of a fallen tree makes for a natural surface to prepare food. Surely a table would be considered a luxury item; a phrase that would make an ultralight purist shudder.

Reassuringly what came through our post box was certainly a very compact table that was aimed at lightweight adventures. Folded, it’s not too far off the size of an OS map and fits neatly on the outside of a pack. At 60 grams it’s certainly lighter than we had anticipated, although there may be a few disagreements surrounding how it’s constructed to fit into this weight category. Made 100% out of corrugated plastic it folds and locks in place to form a surprisingly solid platform capable of holding food, a stove, or electronic items such as a camera or drone. It’s very simple to use with a couple of buttons to secure the legs in place. The instant issue we encountered was that at a mere 60 grams a small gust can easily sweep the Cascade Wild Table away. Placing items on top certainly helps, although this is better placed in the awning of a tent when wild-camping high up.

For solo use having a handy platform was great for placing a small stove away from ground vegetation, avoiding potentially scorching it. The table does have a decent amount of heat resistance so small burner can be placed directly on the table, as can a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee without the worry of the corrugated plastic melting or warping in shape.

Extended journeys or preparing food for the group is certainly where the table became a more valuable item for our needs, keeping the food preparation area well organised and meal pouches away from the cold of the ground. The option of the chopping board (which can be purchased additionally) would have further enhanced the usability of the Wild Table and we would have really liked to of tried this option. You can also add multiple tables together to make a larger platform.

Our Verdict

It’s clear to see the benefits of a small table for wild camping, keeping cooking equipment and food away from the ground being a key feature of this. For extended journeys, group activities, or trekking in areas with particularly wet ground it became a handy item to have in our pack. At a mere 60grams its lightweight stature does limit it in terms of a sudden gust of wind knocking it over, and for the ultralight purist this will most likely be regarded as a luxury item which is not needed for most expeditions. It would have been great to have used it with the additional chopping board to offer more options when preparing meals.

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