Here we list some of the Tools available for you to get the best out of our website.


Comparison Charts|

Listing our products in weight order has always provided a good tool for our customers, therefore we've incorporated it into the new website and enhanced it.



 Sorting Options|At the top of each listing of products you will see the Sort By drop down menu. We have programmed this so that as well as the normal sort options you see on other websites on ours you can sort by the weight of the product. So if you are looking at '1 person tents' you can sort them from the lightest to the heaviest, making it easier to refine your choice.
 A-Z Index|Sometimes you just can't beat an A-Z Listing to find the product you want - find one here.
Gear Lists|

Not sure what to take? We've reproduced complete gearlists for trips in Europe, the US and South America - they provide a handy ready-reckoner - or inspiration for those items you might just have forgotten. Access these from here - there's even a downloadable copy in Excel format for you to use.



Independent Reviews|We publish independent reviews from a range of quality outdoor magazines throughout the website, they are accessible from product pages but are also accessible from here.
UOG Reviews|We use as much kit as we possibly can so we can tell you how it performs - we do this by putting 'Our Verdict' on the product pages, by telephone if you call us, and by writing reviews that you can read here.
 UOG Top Picks|This replaces the previous section we had called 'Gear we like a Lot!' And is simply our favourite bits of kit gathered in one place so you can see what we like and use. Access it here.