TOAKS was established in 2011 in Thousand Oaks, California. We are outdoor enthusiasts and have 20 years of experience in titanium cookware design and production. Along with manufacturing, we innovate, design, engineering and produce our own products. With an astute instinct and passion, we have spent countless hours to seek the best solution to any problem that crosses our way.

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53 Items
  • Titanium Windscreen
    Weighs 14g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl
  • Titanium 900ml D115mm Pot
    Weighs 112g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium 450ml Cup
    Weighs 72g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium Long Handle Spork with Polished Bowl
  • Titanium Spork
  • Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove - Small
  • Ultralight Titanium Spoon
    Weighs 14g (excluding pouch)
  • Silicon Band for Bowl
  • Titanium Folding Knife
    Weighs 14g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove
  • Titanium Short Handle Spoon
    Weighs 10g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium 450ml Double Wall Cup
    Weighs 146g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium 2000ml Pot with Bail Handle
    Weighs 252g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove
  • Titanium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle
  • LIGHT Titanium 650ml Pot
    Weighs 78g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium 3-Piece Cutlery Set
  • Titanium 750ml Pot
    Weighs 98g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium 900ml D130mm Pot
    Weighs 104g (excluding pouch)
  • Titanium 1300ml Pot with Bail Handle
  • Titanium 1600ml Pot with Pan
  • LIGHT Titanium 550ml Pot
    Weighs 72g (excluding pouch)
  • LIGHT Titanium 700ml D115mm Pot