Thermarest Mats

With so many Thermarest mats to choose from we've written this summary page to help you make sense of the range. There are some key features and things to look out for:

Closed Cell Foam Mats ; are the least comfortable as they are the thinnest, but they do provide insulation and can be cut to size to save weight. Thermarest mats have different designs cut into them to increase comfort, insulation and weight for a given thickness. This type of mat will never fail - they cannot be punctured.

Self Inflating versus Airbeds: Self inflating mats are made by sandwiching a layer of foam between two nylon covers, they are usually not very thick and offer moderate insulation. Insulated airbeds are lighter, thicker, more insulative and have smaller packed sizes. They are more comfortable than self inflating mats because of the extra thickness. The only advantage self inflating mats have over insulated airbeds are if they get a puncture - at least with a self inflating mat you still have the foam to lie on.

Evolite and AF Mattresses : Thermarest have pioneered a new mat that's a hybrid of self inflating mats and insulated airbeds - these mats have alternating sections of air and foam so you can have a thicker self inflating mat without the large increase in bulk. Thermarest have called these AF (AirFrame) mats or Evolite.

SV - Stands for Speed Valve, its an amazing way to inflate your mat quickly and with minimal effort. Also deflates faster and easier - choose a mat denoted SV and watch the video!

Durability : Many people worry about punctures with insulated airbeds and the lightest mats have the lightest materials possible which could make them more susceptible to punctures - if you are concerned about this choose a heavier mat or check out the 'Denier' of the face fabric; a 75d mat has a pretty tough outer fabric whereas a 30d mat is just about the lightest you can get. Some mats have a heavier face fabric on the bottom.



Thermarest Mats - a Summary of the key features

Regular mat size used as weight reference

ModelWeightR-ValueInsulationCategoryTypeFormatIn a Line
NeoAir Xlite353g 0.563 SeasonFast&LiteInsulated AirbedMummyLightest, full comfort & insulation but can be noisy.Mid range 6.3cm
Ridgerest Classic397g 0.463 SeasonTrek&TravelClosed Cell FoamRectangleNot much comfort, provides insulation and very durable. Can cut to sizeCheapest 1.5cm
Z-Lite410g 0.392 SeasonFast&LiteClosed Cell FoamRectangleNot much comfort, provides insulation and very durable. Can cut to sizeCheapest 2.0cm
Z-Lite SOL410g 0.463 SeasonFast&LiteClosed Cell FoamRectangleNot much comfort, very durable, higher insulation than Z-Lite. Can cut to sizeCheapest 2.0cm
NeoAir Xtherm430g 1.004 SeasonFast&LiteInsulated AirbedMummyBest insulation, full comfort, lightest materialsHigher Price 6.3cm
NeoAir Trekker486g 0.563 SeasonTrek&TravelInsulated AirbedRectangleGood insulation and comfort more durable face fabricsMid Price 6.3cm
Prolite502g 0.423 SeasonFast&LiteSelf Inflating FoamMummyModerate comfort and insulation, self inflatesMid Price 1.5cm
XthermMAX510g 1.004 SeasonFast&LiteInsulated AirbedRectangleBest insulation, full comfort, lightest materialsHigher Price 6.3cm
Evolite528g 0.37SummerFast&LiteHybrid Self InflatingRectangleHybrid mat provides enhanced comfort at expense of insulationMid Price 5.0cm
Prolite Plus598g 0.603 SeasonFast&LiteSelf Inflating FoamMummyThicker and more comfortable than Prolite, also warmerMid Price 3.6cm
NeoAir All Season SV622g 0.863-4 SeasonTrek&TravelInsulated AirbedRectangleHigh end insulation and good comfort, durable with easy inflate Speed ValveHigher Price 6.3cm
Evolite Plus690g 0.563 SeasonFast&LiteHybrid Self InflatingRectangleA thicker and warmer version of the standard EvoliteHigher Price 6.3cm
NeoAir Camper622g 0.382 SeasonCamp&ComfortInsulated AirbedRectangleDurable and comfortable airbed but with lower insulationMid Price 7.6cm
Trail Lite758g 0.593 SeasonTrek&TravelSelf Inflating FoamRectangleDurable mat at the comfort end of the self inflating rangeCheapest 3.8cm
Slacker AF Hammock772g 0.372 SeasonCamp&ComfortHybrid Self InflatingHammockShaped mat for insulating your hammockMid Price NA
Trail King SV774g 0.322 SeasonTrek&TravelHybrid Self InflatingMummyModerate insulation but good comfort and the easy inflate Speed ValveMid Price 6.3cm
Basecamp AF782g 0.29SummerCamp&ComfortHybrid Self InflatingRectangleModerate insulation but good comfort with AirFrame to minimise bulkCheapest 6.3cm
NeoAir Camper SV1026g 0.382 SeasonCamp&ComfortInsulated AirbedRectangleDurable and comfortable airbed but with lower insulation and Speed ValveHigher Price 7.6cm
Basecamp1080g 0.883-4 SeasonCamp&ComfortSelf Inflating FoamRectangleVery Warm self inflating mat - moderate comfortMid Price 5.0cm
NeoAir Dream1840g 1.054 SeasonCamp&ComfortInsulated AirbedRectangle, Boxed edgesLarge scale airbed with fleecy cover, maximum comfort, high insulationHigher Price 10.0cm
MondoKing 3D2464g 2.004 SeasonCamp&ComfortSelf Inflating FoamRectangle, Boxed edgesVery thick and comfortable self inflating foam, highest insulationHigher Price 10.0cm


Not all mats are available in all sizes but here is a comprehensive summary of the range of sizes that Thermarest produce.