Weight (g)Weight (lbs & oz)
Basic Gear Carried6779g14lb 15.1oz
Discretionary Gear Carried460g 1lbs 0.2oz
Subtotal 7239g 15lbs 15.8oz
Consumables4051g8lbs 14.9oz
Subtotal11290g24lbs 14.9oz
Gear worn about person1693g3lbs 11.7oz

Gear Carried - 7.239kg (15lbs 15.8oz) basic, 11.290kg (24lbs 14.9oz) with food and other consumables


Dan Durston X-Mid853g 
Tent pegs120g 

Sleeping Bag

Nemo Kayu 15860g 
Nemo Compression Bag60g 

Sleeping Mat


Coglans Mirror20g 
Tred Lite Gear Wash Bag6g 
PackTowl Personal Towel - Face18g 
Sea to Summit Airlite Towel35g 
Tooth brush & paste35g 
Empty Bottle35g 

First Aid Kit

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano 2L Dry Bag16g 
Life Systems Micro First Aid Kit135g 
Ibuprofen - 16 Pack8g 
Paracetamol - 16 Pack8g 
Pocket Tissues - 10 Pack20g 


Petzl Bindi Headlamp plus cable45g 
True Utility Bare Knife16g 
Thermarest Z Seat54g 
Spares and Repair Kit75g 
Coglans Backpacker Trowel52g 

Photographic & Other

Mobile Phone250g 
Granite Gear Trail Wallet plus card/money30g 
10,000mah Battery pack170g 
Phone Charger10g 


Gas Canister - 200g350g 
Coglans Camp Soap - part used61g 
Biodegradable Toilet Wipes (dried)75g 


Tea bags and milk powder65g 
4 days food (plus packaging)3500g 

Gear worn or carried about person

Hoka One One Sky Toa Mid Boots900g 
Point6 Hiking Light Crew Socks75g 
Patagonia LS Capilene Cool Daily Tee106g 
Mountain Equipment Comici Pants260g 
Patagonia Sender Boxer Briefs70g 
Mountain Equipment Switch Jacket282g