What makes eVent better?

Breathable shelter from the storm. At eVent, we believe that waterproof/breathable should also mean dry and comfortable. eVent fabrics was the first to engineer and use patented Direct Venting technology so rain can't get in but sweat can get out instantly.

The critical difference between our technology and traditional waterproof/breathable fabrics is the billions of microscopic pores built in to our proprietary membrane that work instantly to vent water vapor (sweat) that builds up inside your apparel and footwear when you perform.

We call this Direct Venting™ technology, and unlike other technologies, it doesn't need to get wet to work. It’s a 'dry system' that allows eVent fabrics to be fully waterproof and fully breathable – keeping you dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions.

Direct Venting™ technology is engineered to keep you in the ‘dry zone’ – a steady state of temperature and humidity that reduces the wild swings our bodies go through to stay in balance during physical exertion.

The result is that you’ll spend more time performing at your best and less time fussing with your gear. And when conditions are bad, that can make all the difference.

Science is on our side.

Trust data more than marketing? eVent fabrics have been extensively tested in the lab, and the results speak for themselves.

Water Column: > 30 meters waterproof

MVTR: 15,000 - 25,000 g/m2/24 H JIS L 1099 B2 (desiccant inverted cup method)

RET: 3 - 5 M²PA/W (ISO11092)

*Test results for eVent waterproof fabric. Results may vary depending on the eVent product.