Technology Page - Aeroflyte

Perfect for use in garment where the need to vent perspiration is more critical than full weather protection; Aeroflyte fabric is ideal for use in jackets that are designed or short training sessions either trail running or cycling and for cool spring/summer rock climbing days.


  • Highly microporous, Aeroflyte allows for body heat and perspiration to escape during high exertion activities in cool spring and summer conditions.
  • It features durable water repellency helping to protect in a light shower.
  • Remarkably fast drying it will absorb and dry out sweat while on the move.
  • Though not windproof it offers some wind resistance helping to retain core body warmth at the beginning of a training session for example.
  • Offers some abrasion resistance and can be worn over technical midlayers to offer some protection whilst rock climbing. 

 High stretch comfort during body movement.

  • Wicks and absorbs sweat against the skin.
  • Extremely fast drying, critical for a trekking shirt.
  • UPF Factor of 30+ for additional protection in hot or high mountain environments.
  • Next to skin comfort.


 High stretch, Fast Drying, UPF 50+

  • 85g/m² 50D 85% polyester, 15% spandex
  • 50+ UPF protection