Here we list some of the Services we offer our customers.


Special Orders

We can usually get any product made by Brands that we stock - even if we don't stock that particular item. We do this a a lot and refer to these as 'special orders'. You can request a price quotation and availability information before committing to buy. To access this service CLICK HERE.



 Stock Notifications
|If a product is showing 'out of stock' but you select it anyway, the 'Add to Basket' button changes to 'Email me when back in stock'. If you click this button and complete the next form you will automatically be emailed when that product comes back into stock. Neat. The website also tells us that you have done this so that we can try and get it faster.
 Telephone Advice
|We've got the experience to advise you on just about any purchase you are thinking of making - call us on 01740 644024 if you're unsure about which item will be the closest fit for your requirements. We can't promise that we know absolutely everything - but chances are we can steer you in the right direction.
Trekking Guides

Our staff and friends have done some great trips and we've written them up as guides - find out just about everything from costs to gear to our own experiences.



Our Showroom|If you can get to the North East of England and you want to handle the kit before you buy it then we offer our showroom, (open 9am till 4.30pm Monday to Friday plus Saturday morning by appointment). Given our huge range, it's not really set up for browsing - but if you've seen something on the web and want to see it in the flesh - then come along. There's space to put tents up too.
UOG Reviews|We use as much kit as we possibly can so we can tell you how it performs - we do this by putting 'Our Verdict' on the product pages, by telephone if you call us, and by writing reviews that you can read here.
Independent Reviews|Access independent magazine reviews of our products from this page. They are separated into brands to help make your search easier.