The plan was a simple one, stay a night in a hotel in Crianlarich the night before the trek and leave the car in their carpark for the week that I was away. Ending in Fort William meant that I could catch a train back to Crianlarich at the end of my trip and it was only a short walk from the railway station to the hotel.

This all went according to plan before setting out and the hotel were happy that I was intending to leave my car for so long. I would have liked an earlier breakfast than 7.30am but we can't have everything.

I was packing enough food for the entire trip (see 'Food for Thought' article) but it would be possible to resupply at Dalmally Spar shop on Day 2, and Kinlochleven at the end of Day 5, so the most that would be required to be carried at any one time would be 2-3 days.

Apart from an ice cream I added a fruitcake from the Dalmally Spar to supplement my daily rations.

On Day 6 I reached the carpark at the end of Glen Nevis and wasn't looking forward to about 6 miles of road hiking (in the rain) into Fort William. I was however prepared to do it, and set out from the carpark. I had only got about 50 yards when a motorist stopped and offered me a lift - its one thing to decide against hitching a lift - its quite another to be offered one, I gratefully climbed in with a promise to drop me at the station in Fort William.

In conversation however I said that I was getting the train to Crianlarich - my ride said he was going that way also and would take me all the way. I was dropped in the hotel carpark!