Rab Sleeping Bags

Combining the latest technolgoy with years of experience, Rab have worked hard to develop some of the ebst sleeping bags in the world.

Made in the UK

Driven by a pursuit of excellence, Rab believe the best way to ensure the quality of their sleeping bags is to fill them in their own factory in Derbyshire.

This allows them to strictly control the amount and wuality of the down going into their bags. Once they are filled, they're stored uncompressed and leave the factory in the best condition possible.

Warmth to weight Guide

This chart shows the different sleeping bags across the range and how they stack up against each other in terms of warmth-to-weight. You can see that the best performing bags here are the Mythic. The Neutrino bags are close contenders however and have the benefit of being slightly cheaper too. The Neutrino Pro bags have a little extra weight, provide good temperature ratings but also have the added benefit of a more moisture resistant outer fabric.


The Mythic sleeping bags have the best warmth-to-weight ratio in the Rab range. Designed to withstand the challenges of moving fast and light in alpine environments, they retain all the features needed to stay warm and protected in the mountains.

The weight-saving baffle construction prevents down shift while chevron shaped chambers are angled downwards to keep the insulation over the centre of the body.

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The Neutrino bags are lightweight, minimalist down-filled sleeping bags, designed for situations where warmth-to-weight is a primary concern.

The updated design has chevron shaped baffles to ensure the down is held over the centre of the body and prevents down migration, while the trapezoidal chambers eliminate cold spots. Made from lightweight, yet durable Pertex Quantum - these bags have an impressively small pack size quickly lofting for instant warmth.

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Neutrino Pro

Well suited to alpine climbers, the new Neutrino Pro sleeping bags are designed to take you from big wall bivi ledges through to lightweight mountaineering and winter conditions. Significantly lighter than its predecessor, warmth and protection have not been compromised with a durable and weather resistant Pertex Quantum Pro outer.

In fact, careful consideration of construction and the addition of chevron shaped trapezoidal baffles have improved thermal efficiency bettering the Neutrino Pro's temperature ratings.

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The Ascent range of bags are hard-wearing high performance sleeping bags you can depend on for comofrt and protection. Durable, tough and reliably warm, they are perfect for those looking to invest in their first down sleeping bag.

Offering excellent value for the feature set, the Ascent range is ideal for general purpose outdoor use and regular mountain adventures.

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The Andes sleeping bags offer similar warmth to the Expedition range in a more performance orientated shape, increasing warmth-to-weight and reducing pack size.

Designed for use up to 8000m altitude and exposed alpine belays, they have a robust Pertex Quantum Pro outer for increased durability and weather protection. Longitudinal chambers run lengthways along the bag, ensuring down is held over the centre of the body and feet, maximising core warmth.

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