The Mountain People

Their story began in 1981 in the attic of a small, terraced house in Sheffield where Rab Carrington made the first sleeping bag to bear his name. Hand-stitched and devised with his own ingenious eye, Rab's experience from years spent in the mountains was apparent in his designs, and soon there was popular demand from Rab's friends and the growing local climbing community.

But things didn't stop there. Word soon spread, and the Sheffield attic became a factory floor, creating sleeping bags and jackets for customers far and wide. Now, decades later, those honest, hard-wearing designs can be found all over the world; wherever adventurous individuals face up to the elements. From Himalayan peaks to cold, crisp evenings around a camp fire. This began as Rab's story, but it also belongs to those who've loved and cared for each and every one of their products. Who've made them their companions on long trips and expeditions. Rab's journey continues and their invitation is always open, join them and share the experience. #WeAreRab

10 years of Microlight

The down jacket that started it all. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the first release of the Rab Microlight Jacket, before that down jackets were cumbersome things whose use was limited to serious mountaineering & polar expeditions. The micro baffle design allowed for smaller amounts of down to be dispersed more evenly across the garment paving the way for lightweight insulation pieces that blow fleece out of the water in terms of their warmth to weight. Off the back of the success of the Microlight jacket Rab expanded the range to include a hooded jacket and a vest.

The Microlight has stayed true to its roots using the same fabric to offer excellent weather resistant protection, originally Pertex Microlight now renamed to Quantum. This lightweight fabric has excellent durability and water-resistance and most importantly keeps the down safely inside the jacket. The down itself has transformed over the years and is now using nano-technology to incorporate hydrophobic qualities to each piece of down making it much more resistant to the  negative effects that moisture has on the insulative properties of down.

The latest incarnation of the Rab Microlight Jacket has some slight tweaks with an improved fit, the pocket openings being placed at a more comfortable angle, improved cuffs and an improved hood which has a lower profile on the jacket when not in use.

Rab Microlight Summit Down Jacket

Woven Baffles

With Microlight turning 10 years old, Rab have taken the longstanding design of the jacket at its purest design form and have created a high-performance version that utilises cutting-edge fabric & technologies.

The Microlight Summit uses Pertex's Quantum Infinity Weave fabric. For this fabric Pertex weave the fabric together to create the micro baffles, this eliminates the need for stitching. This means you get enhanced wind and weather resistance as there's no holes in the fabric that you would get with stitching, no matter how small they would be. A woven seam also provides a lot of extra strength over a stitched seam in the same position.

Here are some of the highlights that make the Microlight Summit a stand-out piece for cold conditions:

  • 750+ Fill Power Goose down
  • R.D.S. traceable european down
  • Flourocarbon-free Hydrophobic down developed in conjunction with Nikwax
  • Stretch nylon cuffs keep cold air from penetrating the warmth of the jacket
  • Full helmet-compatible hood with a laminated brim & flexible polymer peak
  • Stretch seams inside hood to reduce volume when not worn with a helmet
  • Internal stretch hood gaiter, seals out the wind and improves hood fit around your face
  • Very useful, large handwarmer pockets

The Microlight Summit Jacket is a very warm, lightweight down jacket with specialised details which vastly improve its usability for mountain sports use over its closely related cousin the Rab Microlight Jacket.

We are the kindred spirits. We are the fellowship hewn from granite and grit. We are the restless, the persistent, the plain stubborn. We are the strivers for perfection, the vanquishers of ghosts. We are forgers of dreams, crafters of comfort. We are the smallest detail and the simplest innovation. We are the hand-stuffed sleeping bag, the sharpest needles. We are the stories in every seam, the memories in every piece. We are the weathered jacket, the borrowed kitbag, the huddle of a storm lashed tent. We are the warmth of companionship beneath icy skies. We are the clink of tin mugs in the shivering dawn. We are the smell of fresh rain at sunrise; of embers at sunset. We are the voices that spur you on. We are the stokers of the flame. We are the fibres that entwine us all. We are the bond stronger than any rope. We are the mountain people.

We are Rab.

Nucleus Fleece Jackets

Nucleus Jacket
Nucleus Pull-On
Nucleus Hoody

The re-vamped Nucleus Jackets use an improved mid-weight fleece with stretch, offering all round insulation for walking, scrambling, and climbing in cold conditions.

Comfortable and high wicking, the Nucleus Jackets are made with Thermic™ stretch mid-weight fleece with an oval-grid back. A perfect midlayer, the Nucleus Jackets will sit comfortably over a baselayer and under a hardshell, moving moisture through your layers and away from your skin, ensuring you stay dry and warm.

With features like an under-helmet hood, hand pockets, and full length zip, the Nucleus Jackets provide all round insulation and mobility for everyday adventures and all mountain use.