The Mountain People

Their story began in 1981 in the attic of a small, terraced house in Sheffield where Rab Carrington made the first sleeping bag to bear his name. Hand-stitched and devised with his own ingenious eye, Rab's experience from years spent in the mountains was apparent in his designs, and soon there was popular demand from Rab's friends and the growing local climbing community.

But things didn't stop there. Word soon spread, and the Sheffield attic became a factory floor, creating sleeping bags and jackets for customers far and wide. Now, decades later, those honest, hard-wearing designs can be found all over the world; wherever adventurous individuals face up to the elements. From Himalayan peaks to cold, crisp evenings around a camp fire. This began as Rab's story, but it also belongs to those who've loved and cared for each and every one of their products. Who've made them their companions on long trips and expeditions. Rab's journey continues and their invitation is always open, join them and share the experience. #WeAreRab

New Gore-Tex Jacket range from Rab

The next generation of Rab is here. Working together with GORE-TEX for the first time, we are excited to combine our expertise and experience in building world-class mountain products. Our newly developed range includes waterproof clothing built to withstand the most demanding conditions as well as innovative products that blend performance and comfort for everyday use.

Gore-Tex Jackets

Our range of GORE-TEX jackets made with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise do exactly that - providing best-in-class waterproof protection you can rely on. We use a variety of waterproof GORE-TEX fabrics to ensure our products are honed for a variety of mountain activities.

  • Backed by the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, these products ensure waterproof protection to keep you dry and comfortable - even in harsh conditions.
  • Cold wind removes the warm air between your skin and clothing. All products in this range are totally windproof, so you’re always protected from wind chill.
  • Whatever the temperature outside, your body sweats when you’re on the move. These products allow sweat vapour to easily escape, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Gore-Tex Gloves

Our collection of gloves engineered with GORE-TEX offer high levels of warmth, protection and dexterity. This range includes highly technical waterproof gloves for dedicated winter mountaineers through as well as comfortable and windproof gloves for everyday use.

  • Gloves built with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise block all water from getting in, so your hands stay drier and more comfortable, even in heavy snow or rain.
  • Wind can’t get through the protective GORE-TEX membrane, keeping your fingers warmer for longer.
  • The innovative membrane allows sweat vapour to escape, so even during a non-stop day you stay comfortable.

Gore Infinium

A cold breeze or light rain can make you want to skip a picnic, your morning jog, or an evening meet-up with friends. GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® garments are totally windproof, water resistant, and very breathable—protecting you where other jackets won't. Designed so you can be both comfortable and stylish, now you can say yes more often.

All GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® garments are durably windproof, water resistant, and highly breathable. This combination of protection and breathability minimizes the wind’s chilling effect while reducing the risk of overheating when you're active. A durable water repellent (DWR) fabric treatment is often employed to provide additional water repellency.

Gore-Tex Infinium Insulation

Combining our expertise and experience with down and the exceptional performance of GORE-TEX fabrics, our range of products built with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ offer total windproof protection and high levels of comfort even in cold and windy conditions.

  • Items made with this technology are made to be very light, meaning they're as easy to pack as they are comfortable to wear.
  • Items are designed to resist light rain and snow, which means light rain beads up and rolls off, so you stay comfortable.
  • Moisture from sweat vapor can easily escape through the innovative membrane, so your body’s microclimate stays balanced.
  • The membrane integrated into these jackets blocks all wind, keeping you warmer and more comfortable for longer.

We are the kindred spirits. We are the fellowship hewn from granite and grit. We are the restless, the persistent, the plain stubborn. We are the strivers for perfection, the vanquishers of ghosts. We are forgers of dreams, crafters of comfort. We are the smallest detail and the simplest innovation. We are the hand-stuffed sleeping bag, the sharpest needles. We are the stories in every seam, the memories in every piece. We are the weathered jacket, the borrowed kitbag, the huddle of a storm lashed tent. We are the warmth of companionship beneath icy skies. We are the clink of tin mugs in the shivering dawn. We are the smell of fresh rain at sunrise; of embers at sunset. We are the voices that spur you on. We are the stokers of the flame. We are the fibres that entwine us all. We are the bond stronger than any rope. We are the mountain people.

We are Rab.

Forge ahead - New for 2019

The lightweight merino wool/polyester blend fabric offers breathability, rapid drying and odour control. With a slim fit and featuring flatlock low bulk seams for next-to-skin comfort, the Forge series is the perfect baselayer for multi-day use in varied conditions.

Forge baselayers

The Forge series uses a blend of Polyester (53%) and Merino (47%) to bring you the best of both materials. With impressive breathability and wicking combined with the amazing thermal properties and odour resistance from merino wool these baselayers balance that with the quick drying, durable nature of synthetic materials to give you an outstanding piece of kit.