Rab Flashpoint

I got my hands on RAB's Flashpoint Jacket about eight months before launch because they were keen to get my opinion of it. Its a bit of a departure for RAB, moving into super lightweight waterproofs and they've also shunned existing fabrics. Its made from a 'unique and exclusive' 3 layer waterproof and breathable fabric (called Flashpoint) that sports some really impressive figures for MVTR (a measure of breathability) and typical value for Hydrostatic Head.

You might expect a minimalist approach to features on a jacket this light but the Flashpoint actually has all the key ones present and correct. There's only one pocket - on the chest - but its quite large and therefore functional. The hood has all the technical adjustments you'd expect from a high quality jacket including both round the head and round the face cinch capability.

The hem has a shockcord drawstring and the cuffs are secured with velcro. I've worn it on a few occasions now but one long wet day in particular spent in the Lakes showed just how good a jacket it is - I remained completely dry and felt pretty comfortable. Its impossible to test the relative performance of breathability but I can say that the Flashpoint seems to work at least as well as other jackets I've used.

Being made from super lightweight fabric it would probably suffer under a heavy pack - but if your load is commensurate with the weight of this jacket it will perform well as a backpacking waterproof.