Gear List - Pyrenean High Route - Section 5 2017

Total gear carried excluding consumables was 6.678kg (14.12lbs), with consumables this rose to 13.443kg (29.11lbs). Gear worn about my person was typically as listed below.

Suunto watch80g
Food Bag - Exped33g
OMM Long Sleeved Grid Tee202g
Masters Trecime Carbon Fixed Length Trekking Poles - 130cm380g
Meco 120 Boxer62g
Scarpa Epic Lite OD Shoe844g
Rab Fulcrum Pants294g
Xsocks Trekking Light Limited Socks44g

Gear Carried - 6.68Kg (14.12lbs) basic, 13.44Kg (29.11lbs) with food and other consumables

Rucksack - Total 810g

Osprey Levity 45810g

Raingear - Total 284g

OR Helium II Jacket198g
ULA Rain Kilt86g

Hydration - Total 71g

Hydrapak Speedcup8g
Evernew 0.6l water bottle27g
Evernew 2.0l water bottle36g

Shelter - Total 851g

Nemo Hornet 1P748g
Tread Lite Gear Fusion Icarex PegBag7g
Tent Bag - Granite Gear Zipsack XXS23g
MSR Carbon Core tent stakes x212g
Pirahna RT90 Tent Pegs x412g
Titanium Skewers Tent Pegs x636g
4 x Lightning Guylines14g

Sleeping - Total 1222g

Rab Mythic (+1C) Sleeping Bag486g
STS Aero Ultralight Pillow - Large inc pouch70g
Granite Gear 5l Air Bag Stuffsack19g
Exped SynMat HL (excl. 11g pouch)355g
STS Air Chair228g
Repair kit6g
Schnozzel Pumpsack (used as drybag/packliner)58g

Kitchen - Total 391g

Soto Windmaster Gas Stove66g
Evernew ECA-402 Titanium Non-Stick Deep Pot (0.9l) and Fry Pan Lid140g
Green Hermit sink (Small)60g
Optimus Sliding spoon26g
GSI Cascadian Cup49g
GCG Firesteel12g
Mini Can Opener10g
Compact Scraper18g
Pot washing cloth and pan saver10g

Washroom - Total 274g

Coghlans Mirror20g
Granite Gear Air Zipditty 1l17g
Packtowl personal Towel - Hand82g
Packtowl Nano - Medium18g
Disposable razor x 224g
Blizzard stake as trowel33g
Pee Bottle35g

First Aid Kit - Total 139g

Granite Gear Air Zipditty 1.0L17g
2 x 4" wound dressings14g
1 x Stretch Bandage10g
1 x surgical tape3g
6 x Wound cleaning wipes11g
5 Plasters4g
1 Small tin Vaseline34g
16 Ibuprofen pain killers8g
Sun screen stick12g
Micropur tablets x 758g
Elastoplast fabric strapping31g
STS Nano Mossy Net12g

Clothing - Total 1209g

Montane Fireball Verso Pull-on282g
RAB Zero G352g
RAB Dryflo 120 pants (longjohns)130g
RAB Merino+ 120 Boxers72g
OR Helios Sunhat84g
OR Speed Sensor Gloves52g
OR Echo LS Zip Tee144g
Enduro M3rino Sin3rgi Light Cushion Socks50g
Race Elite Mid Socks (Twin Pack)43g

Accessories - Total 198g

Petzl Zipka Headtorch85g
ALOKD2-MP Waterproof Bags - Double Zip - 4 bag Multipack, 6, 9 24g39g
Deejo Naked 15g15g
Compass - Silva Expedition 436g
Glass cleaning cloth2g
Multimat sitmat32g
Cable ties6g

Photographic and other items - Total 1229g

Samsung A3 phone incl. Loksak152g
Sony RX1r camera inc battery453g
SD cards0g
Battery cases x 318g
Maps x2 - cut to size54g
Guidebooks - cut to size64g
Voice recorder14g
UltraPod Camera Tripod57g
Pen - Bic Biro6g
Camera case212g
Graite Gear document pouch19g
Credit cards and cash in loksak23g

Consumables - Total 6765g

STS Wilderness Wash Pocket Soap Leaves28g
Toilet roll42g
Water 1600g
Nuun 20 Tablets30g
Estimate 750g per day - 6 days max food4500g
Olive oil50g