The total cost for this trip was around £850, this included everything from transport to food bought on the trail and even a hotel stay.

Car parking at airport£65.99
Train Toulouse to Andorra (24.6 euro
Flights Newcastle to Toulouse£310.51
Next train from Banyuls sur Mer to Paris£135.59
Return flight from Paris£153.64
Food purchased from Petit Casino in Toulouse£10.64
Meal in Toulouse£12.85
Omlette and drinks at Refuge d'Ull de Ter£7.98
Beer, Crackers and 2 snickers at Mariella£4.43
Meal at Amelie les Bains£12.41
Hotel at Amelie les Bains£77.45
Meal at Hotel Amelie les Bains£16.84
Drinks and salad at Refuge des Salides£10.64
Drinks at Refuge on the Col de d'Ouillat£5.76
Meal at Banyuls sur Mer£13.29
Grand Total£859.80