The total costs for the trip come out at £854, £257 was spent getting to the start of the walk - some of which could have been avoided, £327 was spent getting home. This leaves £270 spent during the walk, of which £110 was spent on the rest day (2nts hotel plus meals).

Costs prior to leaving

I decided that rather than tie myself down to dates I would book the outward journey and get myself back to the UK from wherever and whenever I decided to finish, pre-trip expenditure was therefore minimal. Also - having done the trip to Gavarnie in reverse last year I was happy not to book anything other than flights.

Easyjet flight (with hold luggage) from Newcastle to Stansted £35.49
Room at 'Days Inn', services near to Stansted Airport £39.00
Ryanair flight from Stansted to Pau £69.99

Costs on the outward journey

A lot of the cost for the journey outward could be avoided by buying food rather than meals, however I've included everything I spent - I also chose to spend the first night in Gavarnie in a hotel rather than the campsite, the reasons for this were wanting to revisit the excellent hotel used last year, and it would give me a good early start whatever the weather on the first day.

Meal at Stansted £8.04
Shuttle bus to and from Stansted £8.00
Bus to Pau railway station e1.00
Rail ticket to Lourdes e7.50
Lunch in Lourdes - 2 hrs to kill so had a relaxed lunch in a Best Western! e17.00
Bus ticket to Luis st Saveur e7.50
Fuel for stove e2.20
Bus to Gavarnie e2.00
Evening meal in Gavarnie e28.30
Accommodation in Gavarnie e53.00

Costs en route

I had brought food for Section 3 (9 days) with me from the UK, but not 100% of what was needed, I used the refuges and other places on route to supplement what I carried.

Campsite - Sandwich, beer and campsite fees30/07/10e17.00
Refuge de Barroude, soup, omlette, drink31/07/10e16.00
Camping Forcalla, full evening meal, camp fees, drinks01/08/10e28.80
Refuge La Soula, meal, accommodation and breakfast02/08/10e37.00
Refuge Portillon, soup and coffee03/08/10e6.50
Hospital de Benasque, buffet breakfast!04/08/10e9.00
No Expenditure05/08/10 
Refuge Vielha, breakfast06/08/10e6.00
Refuge Restanca, sandwich, coffee, orange juice e14.00
Refuge Colomers, tuna salad, soup, coffee, orange juice07/08/10e20.00
Supermarket - food for Section 4


Accommodation - 2 nights, hotel e84.00
Meals - 2 nights, 1 day e51.00
No Expenditure09/08/10 
No Expenditure10/08/10 
No Expenditure11/08/10 
Refuge Certascan, breakfast12/08/10e8.70 
No Expenditure13/08/10 
No Expenditure14/08/10 
No Expenditure15/08/10 
No Expenditure16/08/10 
No Expenditure17/08/10 

Costs to get home

I followed the guides recommendation to take the night train to Paris, paid for a berth - a great way to travel and not much more than a Hotel for the night. As I was travelling on a Sunday though there wasn't the opportunity to buy food or a meal until the following morning, in fact when I bought my Eurostar ticket a First Class ticket (which included a meal) was actually cheaper than a standard ticket.

Night Train to Paris18/08/10e106.00
Eurostar to London19/08/10e149.00
British Rail fare to Darlington19/08/10£99.40