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Pyrenean High Route 2010 - Costs



The total costs for the trip come out at £854, £257 was spent getting to the start of the walk - some of which could have been avoided, £327 was spent getting home. This leaves £270 spent during the walk, of which £110 was spent on the rest day (2nts hotel plus meals).
1. Costs prior to leaving
I decided that rather than tie myself down to dates I would book the outward journey and get myself back to the UK from wherever and whenever I decided to finish, pre-trip expenditure was therefore minimal. Also - having done the trip to Gavarnie in reverse last year I was happy not to book anything other than flights.
Easyjet flight (with hold luggage) from Newcastle to Stansted £35.49
Room at 'Days Inn', services near to Stansted Airport £39.00
Ryanair flight from Stansted to Pau £69.99
2. Costs on the outward journey
A lot of the cost for the journey outward could be avoided by buying food rather than meals, however I've included everything I spent - I also chose to spend the first night in Gavarnie in a hotel rather than the campsite, the reasons for this were wanting to revisit the excellent hotel used last year, and it would give me a good early start whatever the weather on the first day. 
Meal at Stansted £8.04
Shuttle bus to and from Stansted £8.00
Bus to Pau railway station e1.00
Rail ticket to Lourdes e7.50
Lunch in Lourdes - 2 hrs to kill so had a relaxed lunch in a Best Western! e17.00
Bus ticket to Luis st Saveur e7.50
Fuel for stove e2.20
Bus to Gavarnie e2.00
Evening meal in Gavarnie e28.30
Accommodation in Gavarnie e53.00
3. Costs en route 
I had brought food for Section 3 (9 days) with me from the UK, but not 100% of what was needed, I used the refuges and other places on route to supplement what I carried.
Campsite - Sandwich, beer and campsite fees30/07/10e17.00
Refuge de Barroude, soup, omlette, drink31/07/10e16.00
Camping Forcalla, full evening meal, camp fees, drinks01/08/10e28.80
Refuge La Soula, meal, accommodation and breakfast02/08/10e37.00
Refuge Portillon, soup and coffee03/08/10e6.50
Hospital de Benasque, buffet breakfast!04/08/10e9.00
No Expenditure05/08/10 
Refuge Vielha, breakfast06/08/10e6.00
Refuge Restanca, sandwich, coffee, orange juice e14.00
Refuge Colomers, tuna salad, soup, coffee, orange juice07/08/10e20.00
Supermarket - food for Section 4


Accommodation - 2 nights, hotel e84.00
Meals - 2 nights, 1 day e51.00
No Expenditure09/08/10 
No Expenditure10/08/10 
No Expenditure11/08/10 
Refuge Certascan, breakfast12/08/10e8.70 
No Expenditure13/08/10 
No Expenditure14/08/10 
No Expenditure15/08/10 
No Expenditure16/08/10 
No Expenditure17/08/10 
4. Costs to get home
I followed the guides recommendation to take the night train to Paris, paid for a berth - a great way to travel and not much more than a Hotel for the night. As I was travelling on a Sunday though there wasn't the opportunity to buy food or a meal until the following morning, in fact when I bought my Eurostar ticket a First Class ticket (which included a meal) was actually cheaper than a standard ticket.
Night Train to Paris18/08/10e106.00
Eurostar to London19/08/10e149.00
British Rail fare to Darlington19/08/10£99.40