Montane Endurance Events

For years British brand Montane has partnered withthe biggest and most brutal endurance race events in the world. From the world-famous Tor des Géants in the beautiful Italian Alps to the -40°C temperatures and 400 miles of trails of the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra. Within the UK, Montane supports the premier ultra-race; The Montane Lakeland 100 & 50 and the legendary Montane Spine Race. All these events play a crucial role in the design, development and testing of Montane's innovative products, allowing them to incorporate the feedback of thousands ofparticipants each year, ensuring they engineer kit that's lightweight without compromise.

TOR DES GEANTS (ITALY) The Tor des Géants embodies Montane's philosophy of 'Further. Faster' which drives our passion for authentic endurance sports in extreme environments. One of the greatest trail running races in the world, the Tor des Géants is the first non-stop race of its kind to cover an entire region. Running along spectacular Alpine trails, through the Gran Paradiso Natural and Mont Avic Regional Parks.

Race Stats:

  • Non-stop, unsupported 205 mile / 330km ultra-trail race covering an entire region; from the 4,000m Italian Alps to the Gran Paradiso Natural Park and the Aosta Valley.
  • Crossing 34 municipalities, 25 mountain passes, 30 alpine lakes, and two national parks.
  • Total elevation: 70,880 ft (24,000m) - three times the height of Mt Everest.
  • Each year over 60% of competitors do not finish.


The Montane 'Ultra Tour of the Lake District' is the premier ultra-race in the UK. Athlete's compete non-stop across two-course distances - 100 miles (ML100) and 50 miles (ML50) taking in the picturesque yet unforgiving terrain of one of the UK's most famous national parks, the Lake District. Conditions will vary from hour to hour, with competitors needing to carry essential kit always. Bodies will be battered, spirits will be tested, and those that cross the finish line in Coniston will earn their status and become legends!

Race Stats:

  • Starting in 2007 with 30 runners, nearly 1,400 participate in each edition now.
  • Non-stop, unsupported 105 mile and 50 mile ultra-tour of the Lake District in the UK.
  • There are 14 manned checkpoints along the route with around 300 supporting volunteers.
  • The cut off time for racers to complete the 105 mile course is 40 hours and 24 for the 50 mile course.
  • Montane athlete Terry Conway holds the 100-course record of 19:50:37
  • CasperKaars Sijpesteijn holds the 50 course record of 07:34:07
  • Montane athlete Jayson Cavill; has won the 50 race on three separate occasions

One of the toughest ultra-distance races in Europe - The Montane Spine Race is a brutal 268 mile, non-stop, winter mountain marathon that encompasses the entire Pennine Way in the UK. Competitors must cover some of the most difficult and challenging terrain found in England including; the Peak District, Cheviots, Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland National Park. The race finishes on the Scottish Borders. Winter on the Pennine Way presents its own unique conditions: deep snow, ice, gale-force winds and torrential rain all add to the physical demands of the race. This, along with tiredness, fatigue, sleep deprivation and exposure, mean that to finish the race, you must be willing to push yourself harder than ever before.

Race Stats:

  • The Spine Race covers the entire length of the Pennine Way in winter; starting in Edale and finishing at the end of the trail in Kirk Yetholm.
  • Over 120 competitors compete unsupported along the 268 mile/420.1km route
  • Total ascent of 13,135m and descent of 13,255m.
  • Max Elevation: 892m (Cross Fell).
  • The current course record is held by British ultra-runner Jasmin Paris 83:12:23; the first outright woman to win the Spine Race

Quite simply the world's coldest and toughest ultra. 430 miles of snow, ice, temperatures as low as -40°C and relentless wilderness, the MYUA is an incredible undertaking. The Montane® Yukon Arctic Ultra (MYAU) follows the Yukon Quest trail, the trail of the world's toughest Sled Dog Race. Where dog teams once slid and scrambled now, human power chases up the trail.

Race Stats:

  • Four unsupported race distances; 430miles (only every four years), 300miles, 100miles or marathon distance either by snow mountain bike, cross country ski or by foot
  • The big 430mile race begins in Whitehorse, Yukon, finishing (for those that make it) thirteen nights later in Dawson, Yukon.
  • Temperatures can reach as low as -40°C
  • Over 70% of competitors “scratch” out each year
  • The course record is held by Casper Wakefield on foot - 186:50:00

The Montane Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra will test even the most experienced ultra-runner. 55 miles of the harshest winter trails, 9500 ft of lung-bursting ascent including the highest summit, The Cheviot, standing at 2,674 ft. Throw into the mix the unpredictable Northumberland weather that includes everything from deep snow, ice, gale-force winds and torrential rain, and you’ll be tested physically and mentally.

Race Stats:

  • Local to Montane’s HQ, the race began in 2017, starting and finishing in the village of Ingram, Northumberland.
  • 55 mile / 89 km nonstop, unsupported and non-waymarkedultra-trail race in the Cheviot Hills of Northumberland, one of the remotest parts of the UK.
  • 9,500 ft / 2895.6 metres of ascent.
  • The highest altitude is the peak that gives the range its name; The Cheviot at 2,674 ft.
  • Kim Collison currently holds the course record in a time of 09:24:14