Product Reviews for Halo Waterproof Overtrousers

OMM Halo Waterproof Overtrousers

Trying to cut down pack weight I tried these overtrousers. It is a revelation to be able to pop them into a pocket and still have room for other items. This means I always have them with me. It is not possible to put them on over boots but can be done over trainers which is what I now wear in the hills. Normally there's is no place to sit when you need to do this so balancing on one leg while struggling with overtrousers is an awkward compromise, however one which ensures I can keep warm when the weather changes and heavy rain or high wind settles in. I thought they would not be durable but after two years of use they are still in tact. The fabric would rip easily on barbed wire or thorns though but if they ever need patching this is a small compromise for their utility and weight saving. Thoroughly recommended.

October 30, 2021
Compact and effective

Very lightweight and compact. Tested in particularly exacting conditions: a day of nonstop pouring rain and strong headwind. Kept my legs dry and somehow didn’t get run-off into my boots. As with all over trousers they would be a pain to put on mid- hike but if you know it’s going to rain they are cool and comfortable enough to wear throughout. Otherwise I use a waterproof kilt which is much more practical to put on and take off in intermittent showers.

October 10, 2021
Sizing is WAY OFF

The pant length is accurate. But the waste size is WAY OFF. I ordered a size small as it said 30-32inches, and I wear 30-31''. Its maybe 26inches, probably 24''.

September 22, 2021
Don’t trust the size chart!

I’m a 30” waist so I bought size small. They are more like a 28” or maybe even smaller round the waist with a 30” inside leg so I’ll probably buy another brand but if you have longish legs and a very thin waist they’d be perfect. The elastic is also brutally strong so you won’t worry about them falling down. Other than that they’re very well made extremely light. Didn’t test them in the field so can’t comment on performance.

June 9, 2021