Life in Action

Masters - since they were founded in 1977 - have always believed in innovation, cutting edge technology and manufacturing skill. Through this they are now celebrating 40 years of entrepreneurial spirit with unparalleled knowledge of their products and customers producing produce quality poles for every kind of activity that requires the use of these accessories: alpine ski, cross-country ski, trekking, hiking, walking, trail running and nordic walking.

The perfect balance between experience and precision

Originating in Bassano del Grappa, a beautiful town on the edge of the Dolomite's, Masters is now one of the largest companies producing ski and trekking poles.

Since 1977, Masters has grown from a small pole and accessories production facility to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ski and trekking poles around the globe. Thanks to the ability of the founder Mr. Renato Zaltron and his children, Paolo and Laura, each generation has brought new ideas, adventures and inspiration while continuing to hold true to the values that guide us – values like integrity, respect, fairness and trust.

As a family company, we put these values in everything we do. We choose the best materials for our poles, not the most economical. We do what’s right for the business and the planet and do not place one before the other. Ultimately, like any family, the challenges we tackle make us stronger.

Masters takes pride in providing outdoorsmen with top quality products, but not at the expense of the environment. At the end of May 2011, we began utilizing our 99,9 kWh photovoltaic system. The 555 panels divided into 10 lines connected to respective inverters have been installed to produce energy equal to 108.000,00 kWh per year and save 80 tons of Co2/year.

In addition to green energy, common varnishes, screen printing inks and plastic parts, are generally made of chemical compounds that are not biocompatible however, that is not case with Masters poles. The company wants to create a biocompatible and valuable pole: the colors are completely lead free and we want Masters products to be a direct reflection of our deep respect for the environment and human health.

The Trecime Collection

The Trecime poles are designed specifically for the weight conscious in mind. They fit into Masters TRAIL series which includes poles with high technical features, reliable and comfortable materials, with bold colours and designs. These models are suitable for trail-running and are also capable of performing well on multi-days excursion; dedicated to experts and enthusiasts or the ones looking for the “perfect” product.