Mamores Ridge 2020

Ridge walking in Scotland can be spectacular and you can incorporate this within a backpacking trip, keeping the weight of your kit down enables proper enjoyment of passing those precipitous drops without a huge backpack to throw you off balance.

2020 has been the strangest year for huge numbers of people around the globe and the UK lockdown brought its challenges. Coming out of this I was keen to do ‘something’ but a trip abroad looked unappealing with potential for periods of self-isolation, or worse falling ill with Covid-19 in some far-flung ill-equipped land.

Scotland seemed the obvious choice although I was warned off more than once because of the midges, they seemed to be thriving this year in particular, and especially in Glen Nevis if the Midge Forecast was to be believed. Eventually though a half decent weather forecast persuaded me to point the car in the direction of Fort William.