Leaving the review

Leave a product review on Ultralight Outdoor Gear and you could win a £20 Gift Voucher to spend on our website. We read all reviews that are left on our website before we publish them. Each month we will decide which is the best new review and then contact that reviewer with details of the gift voucher.

How will we decide the winner? We will be looking for insightful details, good stories about performance in actual use, not only good points but any negative aspects of the gear as well. All of these things will make up a great review. Don't write an essay, but it needs to be long enough to get a well rounded view of the product.

We will contact the winner each month via the email they type in when leaving the review.

The Gift Voucher

To use the gift voucher you must have an account for our website, this can be created for you if you end up winning the competition. The value will be £20 and will only be able to be used by the email account that you type in when you are leaving the review. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months.

Where do I leave my review?

Look up the item that you want to leave the review for on our website. Then look for the reviews tab which appears after the product "Specification" and click it. Here's an image of what to look out for...

...and then what do I do?

Work your way through the form, filling out all of the available boxes. Leave your actual review in the box labelled "Your Comments". We need your email address in order to be able to contact you if you are judged the winner. Fill in the Captcha box so that we know you're not a robot and then click "submit review". Reviews won't appear online immediately, it's a manual process of going through them and checking if they are ok to publish, so please be patient. We reserve the right to not publish reviews if we deem them unsuitable.