LAMM 2014 - Anthony and Catriona's Kit

1. Sleeping

Supermega UL2 Tent, consisting of:
Fly sheet 287g
Inner 412g
Poles 307g
4 light pegs 14g

Total Weight: 1.02kg

2 x Mountain Speed 32 Sleeping Bags (Using a single dry bag instead of stuff sacks.

Total Weight: 985g

Two Balloon Beds 108g
Pump 14g
18 balloons 32g

Total Weight: 154g

2. Food

Homemade Cooker, Pot and 6 fuel blocks 100g
Foil lid
Lighter 14g
Camp water (we filled our dry bag from a river/ water source on site)
3 Trek & Eat meals, 2 wrapped in separate bags and stowed within one Trek & Eat sachet bag – 170g per sachet.
Breakfast bomb – granola and For Goodness Shakes powder pre mixed – 200g
Small water bottle for carrying, with Duck tape to be used for heel tape for day two

3. Safety

2 x AMK Survival Bivvy Bag x 2 103g
2 x E-lite and whistles x 2 60g
2 x 1st aid kit and pencil 32g
Pen 12g

Total Weight: 370g


4. Comfort

Midge nets x2 12g 38g
Mini Floss Stick 2g
Earplugs, melatonin, chewing gum, drugs and tick tweezers 17g
Plastic bags (for feet at mid camp) 30g
Rubber gloves X 2 pairs 20g (midge and weather protection)

Total Weight: 119g


5. Race Kit


Mountain Hardwear Summit Rocket 20 Vest Pack 360g
Mountain Hardwear Waterproof Epic pants 198g (carrying)
Mountain Hardwear Blazar Jacket 211g (carrying)
Mountain Hardwear Elmoro tech tee (wearing)
Mountain Hardwear Shorts 98g (Shorts)
Base layer leggings (carrying)
Merino top (carrying)
Socks (wearing)
Camp socks (carrying)


Mountain Hardwear Quasar Pullover 182g
Mountain Hardwear Plasmic Pants
Mountain Hardwear Fluid 6 Vest Pack 232g
Buff 30g
Mountain Hardwear Power stretch gloves 43g
Mountain Hardwear Hat 26g
Merino leggings (carrying)
Merino top (carrying)
Socks (wearing)
Camp socks (carrying)