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MSR have made changes to their do-it-all , best-selling, freestanding, Hubba tent series for 2019. It is still one of the most livable 2-person backpacking tents for three seasons but the new additions give users more choice with two different versions being stocked here at UOG.

UPDATED Hubba and Hubba Hubba–SHIELD series

It’s complicated! MSR have produced enhanced versions of the Hubba NX and Hubba Hubba NX tents which they are selling in the United States under the same name as the existing tents. In Europe the Hubba NX and Hubba Hubba NX are the standard versions that have not been upgraded. We’re one of just a few retailers authorised to offer the enhanced versions and we’re calling them Hubba NX Shield and Hubba Hubba NX Shield.

The enhancements:

  • Extreme Shield system on flysheets, a waterproof coating that lasts up to 3 times longer than standard coatings
  • Durable waterproof seams
  • Easton Syclone poles built of lightweight composite materials that allow them to flex and spring back into shape

The standard Hubba NX and Hubba Hubba NX tents are still available, so there is a choice(the Shield versions carry a higher price tag).

Big Agnes make incredibly lightweight backpacking tents that are well designed, spacious and surprisingly tough, there are some significant developments for Spring 2019. We've focused on two new groups with the instantly popular Tiger Wall getting the Platinum treatment and bikepacking versions of the classic Fly Creek and Copper Spur models.

NEW Tiger Wall Platinum and Bikepacking Range

New Tiger Wall Platinum

Big Agnes’ Platinum tents are the lightest in their range, and among the lightest in the world. This year Big Agnes have made Platinum versions of their spacious, Tiger Wall tents.There are two new tents, a 2 person Tiger Wall Platinum and a 3 person Tiger Wall Platinum, both significantly lighter than their standard Tiger Wall counterparts. Both are amazingly light considering the pole configuration, multiple doors and porches, and the size of the tents.

The Tiger Wall 2 weighs just 992g packed while maintaining the same dimensions, other than a 5cm reduction in floor length. The packed size has also reduced in length making packing easier. The Tiger Wall 3 weighs in at 1.19kg as opposed to the 1.33kg of the original. With the 3 person version every measurable dimension is the same as the original with a slight reduction in the pack size too.

New Bike-packing versions of Fly Creek HV and Copper Spur HV

These new versions of tried and tested models have been re-engineered for bike-packing, with a range of features suited to this activity including 12-13” poleset (when folded), burly stuffsack with daisy-chain webbing for attaching to your bike and an extended footprint creating an area for dry gear storage and changing (footprint is an optional extra).

With exactly the same generous dimensions in floor size, head height and volume as the original versions. The bikepacking Copper Spur 1 weighs in at just 120g more (when packed) while the packed size changes from 10x42cm on the normal Copper Spur to 14x33cm on the bikepacking version. The 2 person version is pretty much the same with a 130g weight increase but a packed size down from 10x50cm to 15x30cm. The Fly Creek models follow suit the same dimension, slight weight increases but significantly shorter packed sizes with both versions down from 48cm to just 33cm in length.

Some exciting developments from Nemo in 2019. They are updating the classics with both the Hornet and Hornet Elite getting some attention while introducing the Dragonfly tent which should be an instant hit with those wanting a more durable, multipurpose tent.

NEW Dragonfly Tents and Updated Hornets

New Dragonfly Tent

Nemo’s new ultralight backpacking tent is the Dragonfly (available in 1P and 2P versions). Very lightweight tents (slightly above and below 1kg for the 1P and 2P) but, compared to other tents in this class, they offer:

  • a stronger pole configuration,
  • considerably larger internal volume (with floor areas of 1.9sq m in the 1P and 2.7sq m in the 2P),
  • large vestibules (0.9sq m each)
  • a system for connecting the flysheet to the poles for greater stability.

We think they are well worth considering if you want comfort lightweight rather than simply the lightest is class, they are around 230grams heavier than their Hornet counterparts.


Hornet Elite 1P and 2P tents UPDATED

  • An ultralight ‘flybar’ has been added to the pole hub creating greater ‘headroom’
  • Colour-coded Guylines and DAC aluminium poles

Hornet 1P and 2P tents UPDATED

  • Internal volume of these tents by around 10%, they have done this by adding two ‘flybars’ to the poleset and vertical struts to the rear corners thus improving the headroom considerably and removing the ‘deadspace’ at the foot end of the tent – that area is much more usable.
  • Colour-coded Guylines and DAC aluminium poles

Big Sky is not yet a well known brand in the UK, though it is much better known in the ultralight backpacking community. We have been selling the excellent Wisp single skin solo tent for quite a while now and for 2019 we are introducing a number of new models to our range.

Chinook and Revolution tents

Chinook 1P, 1P plus and 2P tents

  • This is Big Sky’s flagship 4 season tent
  • 1P Plus version is a solo tent with two entrances/vestibules
  • DAC Featherlite NFL poleset
  • 3 Intersecting poles for excellent stability
  • Flysheet pitches close to the floor against wet and windy weather
  • Typically very low weight for a 4 season two skin tent; 1P weighs 1.4kg

Revolution 1P and 2P tents

  • 3 season backpacking tent
  • Choice of breathable fabric or mesh inner on the 2P model
  • DAC Featherlite NFL poles
  • Typical weights down to 1.1kg for 1P