Below is a list of all our knowledge base information pages. Each one created to give you a better understanding of the products we sell and how to choose which product is right for you. They have been broken into categories to help you with your search. Simply click the links and start learning!

>Lightweight Knowledge Base

Top 10 ways to go ultralight

We've singled out the 10 best ways to lighten your carry weight when backpacking. It's not all about having the latest lightweight gear.

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The 15lb Base Weight Gear List

Base weight is everything you carry on a backpacking trip minus the weight of your food & water. At 15lbs or 6.8kg you can manage to backpack without compromising on comfort. Find out exactly how Mark, the founder of UOG, does it on his extended treks.

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When Good Pegs go Bad!

My tent pegs went from new to mangled in ten days, so some thoughts are in order, and if you've ever wondered which pegs and how many to take on your trip THEN READ ON.

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Backpackers Survival Kit

I've done a lot of backpacking routes over the years and there are some items that always make the gear list. No matter where, no matter when, I don't even need to think about them.

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Top Gear Choices for Winter Camping

Our top gear choices if you're thinking of heading out to the hills in the winter months. It can be a dangerous time of year to camp out and having the right kit is essential to staying safe and warm.

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Top Tips for Winter Camping

These are just a few tips and tricks if you're thinking of heading out to the hills in the winter months. It can be a dangerous time of year to camp out and proper measures & precautions must be taken.

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Food Planning for Backpacking

Get our tips on how to plan how much food and what sort to take on your next backpacking & camping trip. An in depth guide from a seasoned backpacker (pun intended).

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6 Important Garment Technologies

We've selected these technologies because they are either new developments or updated and refined versions of tried and tested kit. Our selection covers a range of brands and is based on these technologies in kit we've actually used and tested ourselves.

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Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles are hard to choose between when shopping online. Here's some tips of what to look out for to make sure you choose the perfect set of poles:

>Choosing Trekking Poles

>Trekking Poles - Not Just for Old People


Sunglasses are often a vital piece of kit in the outdoors, getting the right pair that do the job properly is important. Read our advice in these articles:

>Choosing Sunglasses - The Key Points

>Sunglasses Lens Categories explained

>Polarised Lenes explained

Pots & Pans

When planning your trip, getting the right type of pot can be tricky. Get some advice on which pot to go for:

>MSR Pot materials - Benefits & Drawbacks

>Why Titanium?

Insect Protection

Beating the bugs can make or break a trip. This is our advice on the gear that best combats those irritating creatures:

>Mosquito Nets - Mesh Size, Midge Proof & Treated Nets

Water Treatment

It can get confusing with all the different types of water purification that is available, we've brought together a short summary of the different types that we carry with some some info about what they protect against and what they don't:

>Drink Dilemma - the facts about Water Purification


Stoves are a vital part of camping but with so many on offer, from super light solo stoves to wind resistant group stoves, it can be difficult to work out which would best suit you. We aim to give impartial advice to point you in the right direction for your needs.

>Stove Buying Guide

>The UOG Stove Test 1


There are certain bits of gear that are vital in the winter if you still want to get out and enjoy the mountains. Although the winter makes these trips much more difficult, with the right gear for what you are planning it can make trips epic. Our articles simply aim to give basic guidance, from our own experiences, to help make the right choices.

>A Beginners Guide to Ice Axes

>Choosing Crampons


Whether you only need them for emergency situations or you're regularly out after dark, lighting can be a vital piece of gear. We've tried to use our experience to help you make the best choices depending on your needs in the articles provided here.

>Tips for choosing the right head torch


Down Jackets

A down jacket is often a big investment, there are a lot of models out there all suitable for different situations. Read our advice here if you're looking for a new down jacket:

>What is a Box-Wall Down Jacket?

>Choosing a Down Jacket

>All about Down

>Down Quality - How it affects the warmth of the jacket & Ethics

>What does 'Ethical Down' mean? Which brands use what?

>'Hydrophobic Down' explained

Waterproof Shell Jackets

Trying to choose a Waterproof jacket is often quite overwhelming. There are so many fabrics out there it can get quite confusing. Here's our advice on choosing the best waterproof jacket for you:

>Choosing a Waterproof Shell Jacket

>'Hydrostatic Head' explained

>MVTR & Breathability explained

>Shell Fabric durability



Softshell Jackets

Softshell's are a bit of a Marmite piece of gear. They come and go in popularity and trends. We've explained what they do, what they don't do and why you might want to use one over your Waterproof jacket:

>Considerations when choosing a Softshell Jacket

Synthetic Insulation Jackets

Every brand seems to be using different types of synthetic insulation. There's plenty to choose from and we've got some advice if you're getting stuck trying to choose:

>Types of Synthetic Insulation



There's a lot to choose from when it comes to baselayers. Different fabrics, different weights, treatments, styles and more. We've written some advice on them in the articles below:

>The benefits of Merino Wool


>Environmental Information

Environmental Processes

The outdoor industry has been striving for a more environmentally sound and generally more sustainable approach for many years. Whilst developments in the manufacturing processes are ongoing, we've tried to keep up with the latest changes so you can read through some articles on this here:

>What is Bluesign?

>Solution-Dyed Fabrics


There are a wide range of materials used in clothing alone, then even more so in the outdoor industry as a whole. Here are some articles we have produced surrounding some of the more important and well used materials, and what is being done to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly:

>What does 'Ethical Down' mean? Which brands use what?

>Ethical Wool in the Outdoor Industry

>What is Organic Cotton?


Hardmoors 55 - March 2018

The Hardmoors 55 is a classic Ultra marathon event that takes place in the North York Moors along the famous Cleveland Way. This 55 mile race takes place between Helmsley and Guisborough in March so winter conditions are not uncommon.

>Hardmoors 55 - Race Report

>Hardmoors 55 - Gear List

52nd OMM - Coastal Scotland

The OMM is the Original Mountain Marathon, an event that combines fell running and orienteering over a two-day period where competitors must be self-sufficient – including an overnight camp. Held in October, the weather is often an additional challenge to face.

>OMM - Race Report

>OMM - Gear List