Julbo have a range of sunglasses designed to support you in everyday activities and sporting practices. The range includes sunglasses and lenses that are tailored to the demands of each sport. To ensure your eyes are always protected from UV light (UVA, B and C), they offer a wide choice of Reactiv photochromic lenses in polarized and standard versions.

Our most popular Julbo sunglasses fall into three general categories which are Hiking & Mountaineering, Running & Cycling, and All Round sunglasses that perform across a range of activities.

Hiking & Mountaineering Sunglasses

Sunglasses that are well suited to hiking will generally have extended coverage, meaning that the frame or lens cover a larger area to keep the sunlight from your eyes.


Running & Cycling Sunglasses

Fast paced activities such as trail and mountain running, riding on roads and mountains, a wide field of vision becomes more important. A close fit and excellent grip are also key elements as fast movements occurring at speed require your eye-wear to stay in place under more demanding activities.

Often, variable lenses are preferred as runners and riders move through areas of shade and sunlight at speed. The use of Cat 4 lenses is great for bright sunshine at altitude but wouldn't suit trails weaving through trees where lower light levels would be difficult to cope with. 

All Round Sunglasses